Saturday, January 7, 2012


Right now i'm at my dad's best friend's house in Esbjerg. I have spended the most of the day at the swimming stadium with my siblings and their friends. Even though I have bad relationship with water, I always enjoy the wellness area they have there. I think I accidentally took a nap in the bubble bath... Hahah! I love to take damp bath or use the the Finish-sauna and after I'll jump in the cold-water pool. It's both refreshing and healthy and it makes me completely relaxed... And sleepy..

I asked Dennis earlier if he felt that Esbjerg was his "home". Dennis wan born in Esbjerg 2005 when my family and I lived here. I was taken by surprise by his answer because he said: "even though I was born here, I have only lived here for about a month. Odense is my real home". The same goes with Juliet but she's born in Odense. I'm born in Kalundborg, and lived there for about a week before I moved.
So I was asked if I felt that Esbjerg was where I belonged. My answer: for 6 months. I tried to convince myself that I was home. That I finally was home where I belonged. After those 6 months I found out I had left my real home for an illusion.

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