Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Treasure hunting @IKEA

I went out to IKEA with my siblings, because they had an event: "Fastelavn"(much like halloween, but it is a nordic/Scandinavian tradition). There was a treasure hunt and they (me included) love, love, LOVE treasure hunts so we could not resist to participate. Okay it was actually the only reason we were there, but I was actually looking for a gift for a friend, so I used that as an excuse.

We had to walk through every section/department to find these strawberry plushies, each one of them with a question we had to answer. When we got to the restaurant, Dennis and Julie craved for Swedish meatballs and pasta and i bought them a dish. There was an offer which meant that a meal (dish+drink+ice cream) only costed 5 dkr.!!! INEXPENSIVE !!!!
I bought myself a cup of tea (free refill - and it's not even America?!!!#) and a piece of almond pie and also a cake for my mother.
I forgot my purse and had only a 50 dkr. note in my pocket, so I had to make sure that I could afford it.
In my head it looked like this:

Tea 10 dkr.
Pie 12 dkr.
Pasta dish 5 dkr.
Meatball dish 5 dkr.
Cake 10 dkr.

= Total: 42 dkr. 
       - and i had exactly 50 dkr. and would have 8 after.

When I went to the cashier, I think i daydreamed or something, because i handed her the 50 dkr. note and she gave me 30 back ....
When I found a place to sit, i checked the recipe again and found out she made a mistake.... HAHAHA!!!

- okay so i got all this

For this

- Yup I paid 20 !!!!!! and saved 22!!! :D

When we finally finished, we got this cute toy as a prize and I bought my sibling another ice cream because they did so well and helped me find a gift for my friend ^^

Emtie's out. playing hide and seek in IKEA - Join me next time ! =]