Thursday, February 23, 2012


I have slept at my cousin, Hoai Dzu's place for two days straight and somehow I do not have time to enjoy the holiday and relax. I have been all around town the past days. Monday I went out with my friend and we watched MI4 (Mission Impossible 4 - Ghost Protocol), and I really enjoyed it, but I missed the serious and dark mood/tone the other films had. This one was just plain fun. It reminds me of Johnny English, and compared to the other MI-films, this one was less "professional" and less packed with action. I was so busy that morning that I forgot to eat, so my friend bought us some sandwiches from Sunset and we sneaked it in the cinema. I think I have to avoid sandwiches, because i broke the corners of my front tooth.... which i just got fixed the same morning.....

Yesterday I woke up early and went home alone(my siblings stayed at Dzu's place too), because I had an appointment with my dentist - they had to fix my tooth again again - and when i came , they couldn't stop laughing at me. I'm just glad that they like to joke about it .... Hhahah

I went home to help my parents move some furniture and then we found out that a water pipe under the kitchen floor was broken. We had to call 3 different plumbing men to fix the problem !!! -.-
When they had got control over the situation, I had to go back to my siblings. They were moved to my uncle's place (nearby dzu) and no matter what... I have to sit in the bus for an hour to get there....
My family is big and I rarely see any of them, so I really appreciate the time we spend together. My uncle wanted me to stay for dinner, and when i called my mother, she told me I could sleep another night at Dzu's place(By that she means she does not have time too prepare food for us, so there would be no reason to return home -.- ). We made some mexican-styled wraps and it was de-li-ci-ous.

Oh yeah. I cut my finger... and i'm the oldest daughter of two chefs..

UHM - MOCHI ! - Asian version of the popular French Macaroons.

When we went to Dzu's place, we called for both Baaby, her brother Namek and my other cousin Danthy to join us, because suddenly we were all in pancake mood.. Dzu made a big batch of pancakes and we were 9 persons eating pancake 10 pm.

And this one looks like Namek !! :D

They day after (Today) is the day every catholic have to fast.

My uncle picked me up at 9 this morning (I slept at 3am), and bought my siblings and I home. I was SOOO hungry, but since I could only eat one meal for the entire day I would save it for dinner. My dad is sick and therefore he doesn't have to fast.... HE ATE 3 times !!!!! T___T
My tummy screamed for food all day!! #€#"
I tried to do my math assigment and despite I only have one question left, I had big troubles with concentrating.
At 12 I had to go down town with Dennis to get his old glasses replaced, because his eyes have become worse. We used the waiting time to play Temple run on the iPad and to try out some other glasses for fun :b

OHH ! It's past 12 ! I'll get myself a snack before i will go to bed ! :D
Btw. Namek's birthday is today and he's turning 16 . biig boii! XD

btw. I cut some extra of bangs ... and now they're TOO SHORT !!!! T_____T