Monday, February 27, 2012

Sensual seduction

Thursday was Nameks birthday and I celebrated it with a bunch of his friends. Baaby planned it to be a surprise party, but it was quite difficult for us to get him out of the house. hahha ! I'm glad that he had a blast! The morning after was a pain in the A$$, even though i slept like a princess in my grandparents bed.. and when I went back to baaby's place... all the guest had passed out on the floor. HAHAH'

Friday 24th was my little brother's birthday and i spend the entire day, taking him to all the places he wanted to go to... and guess what ? 
He requested BR(a toy-store like Toys R'us - They give you a free gift on your birthday) and
So we played treasure hunting one more time and a single round of hide and seek 
( never, NEVER try that)
When we got home he decided that he wanted to watch "Avatar - The last Airbender"-series and we watched 29 episode á 35 minutes each.... omg ...
We finished 1:30 am and he fell asleep 10 minutes before the final... 

Saturday was the opening day for all Paradis-Ice cream shops in Denmark. My little sister had made a countdown for the day and she was really impatient when we were sitting in the bus that went down town, where the shop is located.  As a tradition, the shop always serves two scoops of homemade , de-vi-licious ice-cream for free!!! an additional scoop would cost 5 dkr. extra, and that's REALLY inexpensive for that kind of cream in Denmark.
I bought Julie and I a "bucket" with six scoops for 20 dkr. We mixed as many as we could: stracciatella(plain mixed with shaved dark chocolate), Kiwi-sobert, strawberry-sobert, elderflower-sobert, dark rich chocolate, licorice, caramel, vanilla, caramel with peanut butter, orange-sobet, wild cherries and lots more !! :b
I just had to make you tempted and drool a bit :b

UHM !!!

There's a new chocolatier in town ! and he makes macaroons !!

A few days ago my father saw that there where dark spot on the wood floor in our living room and soon we had discover a leak under the floor. We had to call for both the VVS-service, our insurance company and also three carpenters to fix the problem. I had to help with covering the entrances and the other living room and also the kitchen, because we have to run a dehumidifier for some days to get rid of the moist from the room.  Still today our floor looks like the picture down below and it was actually taken the same day as the renovation started. 

What really sucks is, every time i have to go to the kitchen, I have to go outside, a quarter turn around the house just to get there.. and it is REALLY COLD OUTSIDE 6 in the morning !!!
I started at school again today and i felt good to be back and do something else than slacking :D
I woke up late and had to skip breakfast and i decided to ride the bike for school, because the weather seemed nice(hell not - it started to rain when i went home). When i finally got home, my mother made a healthy lunch for me...

and yes picked the meat out.

"dear mother - I have not eaten meat for such a long time now ...Y U NO GET USED TO IT ?!"