Wednesday, March 28, 2012

#1 - Do you see what I see?

Week 1

- Stuff from Sweden i regret that i did not buy from last summer .... T____T
 Looking back at old pictures of myself really motivates me to loose weight.
- OH ! btw. my dad just told me to loose 2 kg within a month, because he says that i'm fat and it's ugly. If he said for health purposes I would not be angry about it, but for him ... he concerns about how i look... unfortunately he does like hippopotamus'

A week has already passed and i actually intended to blog every monday about my progress, but here's a late update.
this week i have run 7.33 km in 40 minutes -> total (I'm totally out of shape but I can feel that i'm getting more used to it !!)
 - I have burned approximately 500 calories by running 
Total training time: approximately 3 hours + a 15 minutes stretch session after each workout.
I have just downloaded the nike+ app the other day so my run-meter has been reset.
I sleep earlier because i'm more tired than usual and I wake up feeling fresh and positive, so I can actually feel the benefits on my body and how it changes my mood. (I woke up 5 am and was eager to go outside for a run ... but it rained T___T).
I have a better control over my eating hours now but not over the amount and the content. Still I eat too much sweets, but i'm trying to get it replaced by vegetables ^^

- and today was one of the really bad days... I ate about 6 pieces of cake:
1) My mother's birthday cake
2) My friend, Simon's, cinnamon cake
3) Anne Sofie's Bluberry crumble cake
4) Anne Sofie's blueberry tart
5) Cream puff from my teacher
6) "Chocolate cake in a mug"-recipe that I wanted to try out.

 Well we watched The Diary Of Bridget Jones in english classes today (therefore all the cakes) and it's the first time i've seen it. I'm quite amused of Bridget, because the situations she is put out for are quite absurd. It reminds me of "An Education", but it has a lot more comedy ^^.

..... omg .... And i'm talking about being healthy ?


Charming guy scooping some icecream^^

I got the one with raspberry! :D

Today is my mothers birthday and I baked her a lemon meringue pie ! Really delicious, but the pie has to be eaten right after it has been taken out of the oven (or 20 minutes later) and not 12 hours later.
Dennis gave her a bracelet that he broke and julie made something.... she doesn't even know what is .... But my mom thinks it's a gravestone .... and she laughs of it ! - she's just as young as she think she is.
right now she thinks she's 80 and up because she can't walk(she just injured her right leg), but a moment ago she was like a teenager: eager for attention and really showing off her skills.

Tombstone.....made by Juliet

Down below is a video of my dearest mother in my t-shirt and my dad's shorts and she's fooling around like a five year old. 

Happy Birthday Mé dep(Pretty mother).