Sunday, April 1, 2012

Coming to town

I woke up before my alarm went off - relaxed and not sleepy at all. I have been waiting for this day, but didn't expect that it would sneak up on me like this. After a long, loong boring journey, I met up with a friend and finally got some breakfast - an indian, vegetarian, curry dish with rice. It was a good and dirty breakfast ^^. 

Then we went to the cinema to watch Hunger Games and I loved it !, and "Katniss" is really pretty !! I'm overwhelmed by the story, but critic that Katniss was never put in a difficult position  like if she had to kill an innocent or just kill somebody (just not in defense).

After the movie I got a box of cupcakes from Agnes Cupcakes. They were smashed, because i dropped it a few times(box's too big for my bag), but still quite lovely. I didn't want to eat them and therefore saved them for later. 

I went to a fish spa and never in my life had i tried something that was so tickling and yet so scary than to dip my feet in a pool full of small fish. I WAS SO AFRAID THAT I ACCIDENTLY WOULD KILL ONE OF THEM, IF I MOVED MY FEET TOO FAST OR THAT I WOULD STOMP ON THEM. THEY WERE SO PETITE !!!

After 30 minutes of beauty torture, my feet were both soft and smelled like candy canes.
- Went down town to pick up some sushi that i ordered days ago and then found this little guy on the desk

Went out for some dessert too and picked up an Orange Cupcake from Agnes Cupcakes and they're freaking expensive !#€!
But somehow i can't hold the box the correct way because it ended up like this...

And then i checked the other box and it looked worse than before.

Leftover sushi 
(I ordered a box with 30 pieces and they were BIG and totally worth it - i bought it on and only had to pay half of it, which means it was sushi for 418 dkr. but i only paid 209 dkr.)

Oh well - can't be healthy all the time XD

Thank you for a wonderful day! hopefully we will se each other soon again ^^