Friday, April 6, 2012

#2 - Easter Recap

Outfit of the day
yeah well... I'm trying to hard

I havn't posted anything since the Easter holiday started. It's not because of homeworks or my siblings taking my time, but my father. I have helped him out with work from monday to thursday (9-20 every day). Even though it's neither exhausting or hard, i chose not to blog, when I come home, since nothing has happened the last few days.

I know that my last blog entry was a little bit confusing, ambiguous and hard to comprehend, but to shorten the content and make it clearer: I ditched school a whole day (no classes thursday and friday anyway, so I actually had holiday from Wednesday).
- i was really scared that i would be caught, but eventually my little runaway turned out to be a wonderful experience^^

About my health project:
I have not run as much as last week due the awful weather that has terrorized Denmark this week. It has stormed, rained and even snowed a bit. The temperature is about -2 Celsius at nighttime and from 5-8 Celsius at daytime.

I have so far only run 3.87 km this week... Fail ... But it's easier for me to wake up early now ^^.

Okay time to look back at my progress so far.

- How I looked like June 2011

How I looked like before I started — start of March 2012

How I looked like 10 days ago:

9 hours go

And here's what I have been eating for dinner this week:

(sunday): Leftover vegetarian gratin 

Monday: fried homemade tofu with soya sauce.

Tuesday: Koldskål + Kammerjunker 
(I don't know what it's called in english, but I think you can call it buttermilk?? + biscuits) 

Wendsday: Koldskål + strawberries + frozen blueberries.

Thursday: Vietnamese mango salad with dried shrimps(grandpa's plate - he only likes this.... and not the salad) + Tofu.

Friday: noodles with shrimps and tofu.

"TOP 3 things I should not had done instead of doing assignments, which means i have wasted a lot of time, but did anyway"-list

1. played around with my plashes like they were alive and that they really could feel that i pulled their cheeks, trying to make them red....

 2. whining awfully  like a "5 year old girl who has to pee"every time i saw something ridiculously cute in TIGER.

3. Counted my stars and no there were not 1000 stars in that bucket, but only 972, which means 28 stars were missing...

End Note of the post: - it always ends like this when i fell i haven't blogged for a while :D

Last week I baked some macaroons for my cousin and here's some pictures:

End result: