Sunday, April 8, 2012


About a week I told my father  that I needed a day off from "every thing". No work, no homework, no babysitting - just a day where I could spend some time with a friend and not worrying about anything. Yesterday was the day! MY DAY ! He only let me go out:
1) because i have helped him with his work without complaining
2) promised to be home before 22
3) I would clean the house before I left. 
Both my parents were out and wouldn't be back home before 5-8 and i couldn't leave my siblings home alone, so i asked my friend to come to my place and watch movie with me. We watched IDENTITY, drank some slush ice Julie made for us and ate some biscuits.  At 4 I started to get ready - and hey i'm a girl! - we like to take little longer at finding the right dress, do the makeup and of course !  sleep in the shower.... 
I haven't said anything to anyone, but I saw on Cafe Kræz' Facebookpage that they would hold a "buffet"-event open for everybody. It's because they have just introduced buffet as a course at the cafe and therefore made this "try-it-out-event", but it was a "first come, first served"-principe and therefore only limited seats available. I sent them a message ASAP with my contact information and prayed that would be lucky enough to be on the guest list. At the moment a hostess from the cafe called me, telling me i was among the lucky one to win a table for two, I was jumping around alone in a parking lot - just like a kid that was told by its parents that they would go to disneyland ;)
- I love Cafe Kræz! Even though the name says "cafe", it is also a restaurant with bar and lounges with modern furnishing, live music and standup-comedy some days. I love their ice-coffe!, their stuffed ravioli (ravioli al formaggi) and the Fish n' chips ! 

My friend and I arrived there too early(18.00) and my reservation was 18.30, so we went out to a supermarket. We played around like we were drunk and people were rolling eyes at us, but we didn't care (as long as i didn't know them personal :b ). We talked about food from the past that we can('t) find on the shelves these days. Some of us are familiar with Kinder mælkesnitte/milk-slice and often it resembles childhood, but another variant "Kinder MAXI KING" that is supposed to be "new" is actually old news. My friend and i discussed it, because he couldn't remember seeing them in the supermarket when he was younger, but i remember them clearly. They were removed for almost a decade in Denmark, but eventually came back with an annoying commercial. In the end of the commercial the speaker also says that the "KING is back". - end of that ... 
for some odd reason, I can't come to think of, I think have ADD. -.-

I felt a little bit guilty for acting like a child and leaving the store without buying anything, so I bought some chocolate with french nougat - c'est tres magnifique !

When we got our table, we ordered something to drink first, but it took us almost half an hour to pick something. I was craving for a smoothie and yet I wanted something warm to drink, because it was pretty chill walking outside to the cafe and I was still freezing. In the end I picked Chai Latte and my friend picked a Mango/passionfruit smoothie and both were DE-VI-LI-CI-OUS-LY AHH-MAZING !

From the buffet I think I tried everything, besides the meat dishes, but here's the list of food that was available(copied from their website and put into google translate)



delicious American legs seasoned with garlic, acacia honey glazed Barbary duckbreast, tender American brisket, roasted veal, beef tenderloin, pistaciepaneret codfillet, baked smoked salmon.

Pommes risolles baked with delicious spicy pesto, fried rice with vegetables, friesand crispy chicken nuggets, homemade lasagna with mozzarella and béchamel sauce, ratatuille, warm pasta salad.

delicious spicy paprika sauce, horseradish sauce, garlic dressing, spicy dressing

 scrispy tomato salad with mini mozzarella balls, wheat kernel salad flavored withlemon oil, "low self" Bruchetta, delicious tapas, olive tapenade, sundried cherrytomatoes, mild chili, pickled red onions, marinated mushrooms.

Selection of pies and cakes, creme fraiche, fresh cut fruit

bloated, feeling cosy and lightly dizzy we left the place, only to come back (thousands of times) again. 
- can't wait to get my Kræz-card!!! = I get 20% off on everything they serve!!! (I got it for free because i participated in a competition on their Facebook page!!!!)

If you're from Odense, Denmark and love Kræz, like and share their Facebook page for news, event (like the one i attended), competitions, freebies, offers and much more !!
- Totally worth it !

Café Kræz
Gråbrødre Plads 6
5000 Odense C
Tlf. (+45) 66 11 38 11