Tuesday, April 10, 2012

#3 - Sleep cycle

Week 3 

Tattoes from Julie(Polarbear) and Dennis(Duck)

I haven't run much the past days, because i have been lazy.  The weather has been awful and my feet hurts. I need to get a new pair of running shoes that really "fits" my duck feet, because it hurts under my feet when i run. Maybe i need a new running style ? - well i have to read on to that for next time.
- I have been craving for sweets much more this week than last week and i think it is because i'm feeling stressed again. I just started school today and there are many pages to read, papers to do and projects to start. A couple of days ago i felt like I had time for everything, but today it was made a reality that i was more busy than i thought i would be. I have to be more productive !  and get more sleep.

What motivates me right now are pictures of Victoria Secret models - The Angels - Candice's and Erin's slim, curvy and muscular body.

Even though i have problems with my feet, I still try to use other methods to get in shape.
Nike Training Club is an free app available for iPhones which has a lot of workouts that can be done everywhere (needs some space). Mostly I use the stretching guide by Shawn Johnson either before i run/workout or after and it depends if i have time for it and what time of the day it is.

I try to get myself out of my so-called semi winter depression, which have resulted in me waking up too late. Now i'm using an app called Sleep Cycle. It wakes me up in a 30 min phase(settings can be changed) that ends at the time i want to wake up. If i want to wake up by 6, the alarm phase starts at 5.30. It has a monitor that uses signals from my body to find out when i'm in my lightest sleep state, which makes it easier for me to wake up.
I place it next to my pillow - faced down - if i want to snooze, i simply knock on my iPhone.
It's quite simple and i will recommend you to read the instructions carefully to understand how it works and how to use it right for your needs. The best is that this app is also free and the alarm sound can be changed to your own music. There are a variety of settings to personalize the app, so you can get the most out of the app ;), but the bad thing is that you can't exit the app or otherwise it will end the alarm. no home screen mode :(

Another thing that keeps me wanting this is that i don't want to end up like Swagrid here. 
( no offense to Harry Potter fans! I love Hagrid and the other characters myself =] !)