Friday, March 16, 2012


Hey !
- I have been a really bad blogger for the past week, but as many of you guys know I am still in Reykjavik, Iceland, AND I LOVE IT !!! btw. the internet connection SUCKS big time !!!!!#€%&/

Okayokay, I know that I didn't expect anything much and that i went here with a bad attitude towards the whole field trip-idea, but i must admit that i regret it all. The past few days have been AHHHHH-maaazing !! The place is great, the view is not to be described as anything else than spectacular!!, the hostel i'm staying at is just fine, the food is DELICIOUS and DEVINE!, and i'm really sad that i have to leave this snowy wonderland tomorrow. 

When I get home I will post my diary entries, but now i have to sleep. It's really late and i have a full schedule of places i have to visit and i have a lot of pictures !! Well I have a lot of stuff in my mind right now and i can't focus.  Goodnight !

(Picture from the day before i left)