Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What type of guy is your ideal type and how would you confess him that you like him?

Who said that i don't like ladies ? HHAH JK!  I'm bisexual (another joke XD)

..... Yeah my sense of humor is lame :D

I can't  just pick a certain "type", but I have something for guys in suits, and i love how they smile.
- looking back on the types i have fallen for in the past, they all have in common that they're: asian, tall, skinny, geek, loves technology, musicians, calls me fat.... yeah.....


If I want to do it on the internet .... and if the dude is asian, i would send him this.


Well - I prefer the "face-to-face" - method.

- First of all I would grab his sleeve and with the other hand, I would grab his shirt (If he has - the collar), drag him closer to me, so there would be no space between our bodies(quick move), stand on my the tip of my toes and  pull his face (slowly) closer to mine. (trying to be passionate here - HAHAHA lol!)
 I would look into his eyes, my eyes closed a bit. Smile with no teeth. tease him by looking at his lips and then his eyes (repeat it a couple of times). Giggle and smile widely. When/if he moves his face closer to mine i would ....

1) If he's a geek, i would stop him and ask him to solve an equation: 9x-7i > 3(3x-7u). give him a paper and a pen, and when he has solved it, i would kiss him before he told me the answer.

2) just kiss him and say "i didn't know that you like me" - and see if he would confess :D

3) ask him if he knew that i like him and wait for his response

4) Use a lame pickup line. example: "I like what i see" or "I don't know you, but i think I love you already


6) Just wait for him to kiss me

None of that i just wrote would ever happen XD... but there is a 7th and an 8th option that would be more realistic for me:

7) I would say "you have toothpaste stuck on the covers of your mouth" .. release my grip, turn around, walk away and just laugh .....

8) tell him that i'm hungry..

But if the he tries to kiss me .... I would just let him - if i really like him.

 but... If he tries to kiss me, and i suddenly change my mind... I will either turn my face so he hits my cheek(unlikely),
scream "NOOOO" and cover my face with my hands....
or knock him with my forehead (most likely)...

I love to ruin a good moment ... XD