Saturday, May 26, 2012

Birthday sex

My birthday was the wednesday the 23rd and I had a test for friday so i haven't blogged at all.
I spender my birthday with some close friends and I really enjoyed my day. Nothing big happened in particular, but it's a day worth remembering. I also punctured my front wheel so i had to bike home with it, because i couldn't leave it. AND NO - i did not call my parents so i came home 2 am. They're not the type that actually would "rescue" me. They would just ask me to get a ride home..... *Oh yeah!  My curfew got extended for one single night which meant that i had to be home at 1 instead of 22.... so what's the big deal about turning 18 ? Nothing has changed for me - I still have a lot of restrictions, but also a lot more responsibility... Just the other day my mother yelled at me, because Dennis have difficulties with reading books. She said: "it's your job", and no it isn't! It isn't my job to teach my little brother to read. Sure, I can help him, but it made me upset that she blames me for his flaws.
About drivers license, that many have asked me about: when will i get it?. Well, I haven't started taking lessons yet, because my mother doesn't want to talk about it. I really don't know why, but I sure think it's about time, because otherwise the lessons would overlap my schedule for next semester.

Well here's some pictures from the day:

-  I didn't want anything(besides a cake), but yet I expect that, if people give me something they should put a little bit heart and mind in it. Therefore is my mother's present the worst.
She gave me a bottle of fragrance - yet i'm still allergic. I was shocked when i unwrapped the present and because it was in the middle of the night, I wrote her a message she would find on the kitchen table in the morning. It says: "hey mom - please don't give a gift just to give me something. Do you want me to die? I have allergy + I don't understand you".

I almost forgot to tell that Julie made me a cake. It's a really sweet thought besides the cake she made is a "dream cake/coconut cake". Doesn't sound like anything and it's not like i dislike the cake, but the problem is that, it is my mothers favorite cake and she made julie make it - because SHE likes it, not me.
- I told my dad about it and then my mother bought a chocolate muffin from mcdonalds - trying to make up for it.  Nope mom - and since i have turned 18, i have decided to stop calling my mother "pretty", because I don't feel like it anymore. I don't think I have to explain.

Btw. I was actually supposed to watch Men In Black III premiere on my birthday 23.59, but because i had to be home at 1 i couldn't watch it and now m friend and i don't have time. Thanks dad for being such a FR"#T#R"§! on my birthday.

Thursday was a long day. I used all my time in front of my laptop to prepare my presentation. I even forgot to eat lunch and dinner so all that day I only ate a bowl of müsli and drank water all day.

Friday after school i was supposed to head home around 13.40 , but my the FRONT wheel of my bike was punctured and i called my grandfather and asked him to pick me and my bike up. It took him more than an hour to come (he only lives max. 15 minutes from my school), but he had to wait for my aunt and my cousin too. The plan was that he was supposed to meet me up at home at 14 and pick me up and take me and my siblings to Aalborg, but if if i didn't call him, he would be there at 16-17....
For this weekend i have headed to Aalborg to visit my uncle, because of his 40th birthday. His birthday is the same as mine, may 23rd.
The weekend is for many, both students and workers, an extended weekend (saturday to monday=off), and it's also the annual carnival here in Aalborg. I have been downtown Aalborg and i love the place. There's so much life on the streets and it's not only adults, but also children, teenagers and older people(60 and up). There's a lot of live music and i really like the vibes of exotic music. We walked down town and also at the harbor and I must say it's a really beautiful town.
A quick videoblog from the day:

Well it's already 1.08 and i'm really tired so i'm off now, but here's some pictures from the day ;)
FYI: Persons on the pictures: My uncle, his daughter Lindhan/chick(my cousin). Dzu and her younger siblings Doanh(the girl) and Khang(the boy) and then there are my siblings; Julie and Dennis ;)

Night peeps !