Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Here's my body-story:

Once i went out shopping with my friends and i was craving for a new dress - a tight one for spring and my cousins confirmation. I know i am petite in height, and at that time maxi-dresses were everywhere. I went in and out every single shop i my city and after almost 5 hours of looking, i finally found a short dress that fitted me perfectly. Even though i intended to use it  for the confirmation, i used it 4 days before for a small dining-date with some friends. They took some pictures with their smart phones and i asked them if i could get them for my blog, but when i saw the pictures i decided not to blog abut the evening. My tummy made my waist disappear on every pictures, so i deleted all of them. I had always have problems with my tummy, especially when i wear jeans and sit down, there's always a "pack of fat" that pops out of the edge. Therefore i want Wacoal to fix up my body(mistakes), so i always look fab on the go - something that can hide my tummy-bummy, so i don't have to suck it in every time i take a picture.