Tuesday, May 15, 2012

missed me ?

"I've been gone for too long, think it's time I bring it back"

I don't hope there has been to many who have wasted time by checking if i have post anything the past two weeks and i feel sorry for those who did. 
As i wrote a long time a go, i'm off school from the 23rd - which means that my teachers like to give us as many assignments as possible the few weeks before. I have just finished a group-assigment in social studies about the European Union and now i have one in danish and three in geography (yes three at the same time). I also have many classes and i can't miss any one of them because we make a recap in every single subject. My laptop is on fire and i even have to clean the hard disc just to make some space for all the notes i have been writing XD...

Today is "cake day" in Odense and i will attend the event at the city hall with my classmates after school. I have put my workout on a standby for more than 2 weeks now... but i really need some cake, and i have made a list of stuff that i shouldn't eat and cake is not one of them ! hahahaha !! XD
I'll post my list in a couple of days and update this post later, when i have some good pictures from todays' event ^^