Saturday, June 16, 2012

Birthday Girl

Really short!

Yesterday was Baaby/Uyen's 20th birthday and it was good to celebrate her ^^. I was actually the first one to sing/congratulate her !!! MUHAHAHAH !!!. ... damn i went to sleep immediately after.. XD
My cousins and I had a sleepover party at her place and went out for some midnight bowling, ate pancakes with cream at home and watched like 50 minutes of a spanish movie about a really special method to dermic if a person is cable or right to take a role. It was actually good, but we started to watch it at 1 or 2 am and we (here I mean Doanh and I) were really tired. Baaby and her brother Namek were not tired at all, but we decided to sleep at 3.30 or so. I was nice to be surrounded by familiar faces again and we had a great time !^^
 I gave her "candy floss"-pink a lipgloss from Dennis Knudsen ^^

She has a picture of her presents on her instagram^^ - and i forgot to take pictures! XD

I'm actually supposed to go to my friend Louisa's 18th birthday party, but due some family issues and endless fights I have given up and now i'm home...

A picture of me and how i feel.


Oh yeah... i burned my fingers because i tried to catch a roasted marshmallow 

time for some horror...

yikes !