Sunday, June 17, 2012

What you can do with your old shoes

Tutorial A: Collar.

1. You take an old pair of leathershoes that your mother wants you to throw away because they either are old, broken or just ugly. 
- in my case, it was all three...

2. Clean the leather and let it dry.

3. cut the sole off as close to the line to get as much fabric as possible to work with. 

4. the leather is a bit thick because of the many layers of stiff material underneath. Cut/rip them of if possible to make the fabric more flexible. 

5. If there are curves, bend the fabric to remove the curves and put some glue to flatten the round tip from the shoe - remember to use clips for the best result.

6. find some cord/string/band and attach a piece to each corners. 

7. place around neck - look at yourself in the mirror for the right length and fit.

8. tie a bow to secure the collar in place.

9. wear a v-neck sweater over it to make a illusion of wearing a leather turtle-neck blouse.
- remmember to check that the corners doesn't peak out. doesn't work if your hair is too short.

10. look at yourself in the mirror again and take some pictures of your double chin to share with your other camwhores. 

* note: remember to smile, because if you're lucky the lens will break... JK !

 Tutorial B: Pockets.

1. take the other shoes of yours
2. follow step 1- 4 from Tutorial A
3. decide what part of the fabric that you want to use for the inline.
4. measure and cut size and shape to fit the the pocket's shape.
5. hand-sew it on!
6. Be careful
7. wear the shorts with a shirt tugged in
8. take the shorts of again
9. Cut the piece of fabric of the back and on the inside of the shorts that tells where you have bought them from.
10. put them on again and tug the shirt in. 
11.go outside - it's healthy.
12. go inside
13. put on some sunblock 
14. go outside and stay there.

*note: if you get compliments - smile and don't tell where you bought them.

If you do it right you will get something like this ;)
(I might want to fray them a bit for a more "trashy" look - because it would make them look REALLY EXPEN$IVE! Topdollar!  ^^)

*Note: I wrote it for fun... nothing serious though. 
Now everyone knows i'm wearing a shoe around my neck... 

Not really.---
            good luck! -