Friday, June 1, 2012


Just about a week ago I turned 18 and nothing has changed - besides the fact that in the past few days many have been reminding me that I AM 18 and ALLOWED to do stuff that I couldn't when I was 17.

All my friends have been waiting for that day they will turn magic eight-ball-teen and I don't quite figure out why. What's so special about being 18 ? 

I can go to bars, pubs, clubs etc. 
- I prefer some intimacy like dining out or a private party, but I would like to try it sometime.. besides, i have never been asked for ID since 7th grade (13-14 years old).

I can get a driver's license
- Yes ! a good thing, besides the fact that i have to do many errands for my parents, like drive my siblings around, grocery shopping far away etc. + I'm also afraid that i most likely would become more lazy and let my bike eat dust.... but hey ! I can use the "drive in" with a car and not a bike ;)

I can vote at the election
- Nothing bad about that

I have to think about taxes
- yes, I wrote "think" because I don't know anything about taxes

I can get a job with a higher salary
- Nobody would hire me because i have no experience and the unemployment rates for students are high.

I don't need my parents sign
- YEAAAAH !!! I'm in charge!!!(just until they find out what i have done)

I can buy cigarettes legally
- Omg...  when i was 13 the 9th graders asked me to buy cigarettes for them because i looked older... lol.... and I don't want to die or end up like my dad

I can say I'm 18!
- and then be depressed about my age ? I rather not

I can get a credit card
- Use money that I don't have and end up with a debt before I even get a real job? Nope

I'm independent
- Not at all, because I still live under my parents roof, eat the food they make and wear the clothes that they buy.

I'm not a child anymore
- Actually I still am. only in heart because I look like 22 year old on the outside.... Just like my cousin Dzu wrote to me on my birthday. She actually asked me how it felt like to 18, because i have looked like 20+ since i hit puberty -.-

Anything else that I have forgotten ?

OH YEAH !! My mother finally let me join a fitness center and she also owes me a new pair of good running shoes (since the last cheap ones made me handicapped for months -.-)
Have a good weekend =]