Thursday, June 7, 2012


Two days ago I went out with my friends to watch MEN IN BLACK AND OFC!! I LOVE IT !!!!! I'm sad that i did not get to watch it on my birthday, but happy that i could find time for it again. We were four and before we went to the cinema to watch the movie, I got another box of AGNESS CUPCAKES from one of my friends and this time, two of them were "cinnamon snails" (a danish round/rolled cake with cinnamon sugar) with either chocolate or vanilla filling and the two others were blueberry cupcakes. I love them though they are quite pricey ... He bought it for me as a gift and I ordered a Mango/Lime Smoothie at BARASSO to treat him in return. I gave the barrister a cupcake instead of tips, because she was eager to see what i had got and i was glad that she really appreciated it. 
After the movie we parted but i took the guy who gave me the cupcakes home and we played around with my siblings and my little cousin BEE. We ate ice creams and watched a lot of movies like BLADE and KUNG-FU PANDA and then we called it a day and he left. 

Tomorrow I'll have a date with Dzu and Baaby and I don't know what we are going to do yet, but i'm looking forward to see how the day will turn out. night peeps !