Thursday, June 28, 2012

How would you spell ICUP?

Oh really ? like i'm not wearing any pants....Okay, another lame joke of mine...
Yesterday, I had my last test for this year which means i'm finnally done with my second year!
It's quite frightening to think that after 1½ months i'll be a senior and about a year from now i'll graduate.... Oh god lord... I'm not really sure about what I want to study yet .....  x____x
The only study i have thought of is economy, but still there's so many others that I would like to try out...  it's like a buffet, but you can only choose one dish..  -.-

After school I went out with Fei Fei, Kim Tai and J to eat lunch and we talked about lots of stuff. It's been quite some time since i've been eating out. We ate at Jensens Bøfhus and J had a "cupon" that he gave me. He said that the 180 gr steak would not be enough for him, so he ordered a bigger one. The cupon let me choose between a lunch steak/chicken with fries for free, but since I don't eat meat, I gave him the steak an ate the potato chips for myself ^^.
After lunch, Kim Tai and Fei Fei went home and J and I wnet downtown to get his sister a gift(FeiFei and J are siblings - so it's a gift for FeiFei). We went into a bookstore and bought an IQ puzzle shaped like football. the reason why we had chosen a football was because she used half an hour at the steakhouse to explain what "offside" was but in the end, she got it wrong :b. After I went home to get pick up my little brother from school and pampered myself for dinner @ Kim Tai's, Wisam and Chin's place. If I haven't mentioned it before, they help and arrange the DUK(Organistation for young catholics in Denmark) meetings. I've known them for about a year now and ever since the first meeting i've attended, i've always helped out in the kitchen ^^.
We (Uyen Ha, Fei Fei, J, Loan) celebrated that they just recently moved out from their parents' place to live together, so what's the word for this kind of a party ?... I think it's called "housewarming", but i'm not sure ...ehehe ... :/
Wisam made lasagna for us and It was SOOOO delicious !!!! His lasagnas are simply the best ! He made two; a regular one and a vegetarian one with baby corn, mushrooms and carrot!! Since I was the only vegatarian there was plenty lasagna for me :b... Mhhh, salad, lasagna and pickles !! XD

 While we were eating, we watched the EM-football semifinale with great exitement.. because we had made some bets. I had odds on that Spain would score 2-1 against Portugal ^^.
We finished eating and cleaned the table. Chin bought us some fresh, GIGANTIC strawberies and peas for snacks. I only think that because we had made bet, the game would be so so so exiting hahah XD.
The match ended with a score of 0-0 and 2 times extended time, the macth had to be settled with penalty kicks. Spain won and poor Chistiano Ronaldo - he was pretty upset :b. It's actually fun to think of that his club team members that he daily trains with,  would be his oppoment in another game ^^.
We  played Monkey Buzz on Playstation 2 and it was hillarious, because it seemed like everyone were bad losers - even me, hhaha XD.
I teamed up with J, because there were only four consoles and we were 8 and we were first place 3 times out of 3 games, mwhahah ! :D

I came home quite late and passed out immediately when I saw my bed hahah ^^.

Just this morning I talked with my dad about plans for this summer holiday and to be clear, we don't have any.... I have one and that's helping my father out ..
He suggested that my siblings and I should pay my family in Copenhagen and Malmö a visit from next week and stay there for week or so, and since HE suggested it (it's rare that he ever suggest that i need vacation, because he thinks i go out too often)
I WILL TAKE THE CHANCE, before he changes his mind ! :D
I've actually been longing to go to Copenhagen for some time now ^^
- which reminds me that I have ask my cousins from Århus if they have time to hang out with me. I can't neclect them and i miss them !! ^^

Oh well.. i'm out of time. Gotta go ! c'ya !