Monday, June 25, 2012

The last man stands

... Oh yeah well I just sit because  i'm a woman with a big MAN... okay lame joke ... XD

I have had some quite tiring days, but my siblings have been great to have around ^^
We have played around for the past few days. We have made ourselves some plans for the holiday. They'll will have holiday from this friday and maybe in two weeks, we will head to Copenhagen and Malmö  to visit some family ^^. 

.....and speaking about family...
So I did get yelled at because of my last post (thanks uncle for gossiping like every other woman and lose your manhood), but that was just it so there's nothing more about that... oh yeah well... My mother asked Uyen's little brother, Namek, to download an app that could track my position.... oh god -____-
... He downloaded "find my iPhone" for her but she would need my Apple-id account to track me and i did not allow her to get it. Even my grandmother told her that she was too much and asked me if i could move to their place! ^^

Another thing, besides my parents, that has bothered me for some time now are jokes about vegetarians. I lose all respect for people who just can't see the difference between fun and insulting. I don't talk bad about anyone that likes to eat meat, cake, mustard or anything else. I respect them and I would never judge any person by what they stuff in their mouths, but somehow people around me (okay moreover my mother's family) do. My father's family, especially the elders, respects me for my choice of living and my friends are really supportive and i'm grateful ! ;) What I don't understand is the problem  - what's wrong about being vegetarian ? and also the argumentations when I ask people, who offends me, are pretty much the same. They all say: "meat is so great", "it's not healthy", "you won't lose weight", and "don't you miss bacon ?"...... What the heck is that ? Just because i don't eat poultry and meat, but do eat seafood and there's a certain term for it, that I don't remember, does't mean that i'm sick or anything. It's a matter of taste! I love what i love and i hate what i hate. I would never sit in front of a person who is eating a.. well.. A bacon burger (okay pretty lame example)... and say: "why don't you eat broccoli? You look so fat - I love broccoli, because it's great for my body". 

                    Oh please... I'm tired. 

If I you ask for my opinion, I don't wrap it in and you cannot be angry about it because you asked for it.
But otherwise ... I'm sorry for forgetting that it's the time of the month. Would you like tampons or sanity pads to cover that mouth bitch?