Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fast forward

The past few day have gone so fast ! I'm still in Copenhagen till thursday and i'm really sad that my time here is going to end soon.... T___T
-  I've been so tired in the evening that i don't even mind to blog at all so therefore it seems like i'm doing nothing over here... -.-

Here's a recap for the past days. - WARNING !!! It's a long post with a lot of unusual smileys for some odd reason ;)

S u n d a y : I went to Tivoli with my family. We had a great time there because the weather was great, but the waiting line for the rides were long which means that we were cooked by the sun -.-
Must say that i'm a lot tanner (oh lol, that's my nickname) but it's not like golden tan ... i'm more dark and grey.... 
Oh well, I had a fab day and since i love amusement parks, the whole place was like a playground for me.

my cousin Anh Thu and her son Michael

I tried a ride where you had to shoot some targets to get some points.......
My aunt Tuyet was the blue, Anh Thu and Michael were the purple, I'm the green and Dennis is the red....-.-

 M o n d a y: I went out to fields to buy groceries ^^. bought my uncle a new lamp - shaped like an owl with solar cells so it provides and generates energy for itself ;)
I bought a Nintendo Wii game for my nephew Michael, a game for Catly and two for my siblings  - a lot of money huh ? well... i'm pretty poor now....
Later I went out to Torvehallerne, got a cup of CHAI LATTE <3, ate the best cupcake in my life (the one with passion fruit from Agnes). There was a lot of costumers and only one girl handling all of them and i really felt sorry for her because she was really stressed :(
- Later i went out to be together with some friends and eat dinner together. We had spring rolls, we stuffed ourselves and it was great - and quite filling. Dessert was another round of cupcakes from Agnes(what a coincidence?) and vietnamese/chinese steamed buns shaped like the guest's chinese zodiac ^^

Today/T u e s d a y : I woke up quite early for some odd reason. I walked around the house around 6 and went to bed again when i found out nobody was awake. After breakfast I went out with my aunt for the most of the day and we actually had a good time together. She rarely goes out, like downtown Copenhagen, because she is busy with work. We took the train to Kongens Nytorv and took a looong looooooong walk to look at some handbags ;)
My aunt promised me ages ago that she would buy me a brand-bag when i turned 18 and today she wanted to get over with it :b. I was thinking about finding a cheap bag with lots of SPACE, because i often go out and have to carry a lot of necessary stuff. like my laptop and lipgloss ;)
We went from one flagship store to another and also many diffrent department stores. From mulberry to burberry and LV, but I couldn't find THE ONE -.-
I found a pretty one on sale from Mulberry, Burberry and two others not on sale from Louis Vuitton and DKNY. In the end I picked another one from a rather unknown brand here in Scandinavia, but I'm happy with my choice. I got the most expensive bag of all bags i've put my eyes on today and i was really overwhelmed so i couldn't stop shaking when i stood at the desk - ready to pay a sum that could be used to so many other things... like a flight ticket... Well the bag is from the Collage store located inside Illum ... 
I never thought this day would come, but it did and it was more horrifying than any of my exams to date. Even the guy behind the desk looked concerned for me.... couldn't do anything than pull a shy smile and pay -.-. 

When I came home i played around with Dennis and Michael in the garden. We pretended that we were warriors and rolled around in the grass to protect ourselves ;)
Dennis is just like a big brother :D

Recently I've been gifted a lovely green t-shirt from H&M's menswear and i adore it ! LOVE the sheer fabric and the color !! :D - btw. i got a haircut before i went to copenhagen, but i'm not satisfied with it because my hair lost it's many layers and now it looks so straight cut.

Just before preparing dinner, I took (by bike) Catly's mother out to buy some desserts and she bought a strawberry and a rhubarb pie - SO DEVILICIOUSLY MOUTHWATERING!!!

actually i'm having a headache - but not because of thinking about the pricy bag. Moreover i feel ill and dizzy... also because my little sister told me that my older cousin just told her that i'm not appropriate  to take care of my siblings. I can't match the task. 
I must say that i've been quite selfish and that i have a really bad temper, but i don't intend to be like that. Words don't usually touch me, but this time it felt like i was stabbed in every single possible direction. I do my best to take care of my siblings and the happening today was the result. 

My headache is taking all my energy right now - bye.