Sunday, July 8, 2012

New in and ass out

I've had two ahhh-mazing days here in copenhagen !! Yesterday I went to a friends place, Stephan, to make some pancakes and meet my other friends in that area. Many of them were busy or somewhere else, but it was fun anyway ;)
I took my siblings, my niece Catly and my cousin Tu Quyen with me, because they couldn't stay home alone and i wouldn't let them. They had a good time being there because Stephan's little sister is about the same age, besides Dennis was the only boy among them and therefore he felt "bored" sometimes... I felt like i was some kind of daycare service and i'm only happy that stephan was patient and light minded ;)
I totally forgot to take pictures of the stack of pancakes Stephan and I made, but it was more than enough for 13 persons :O
We ate them with Daim-icecream and ate hotting and fries after ;)
It was great to see both familiar and also new faces and to catch-up with everyone, since i haven't seen some of them for more than 2 years !! :O

For the past few days i've got myself some stuff, but i haven't taken picture of all of it, so i'll might do that tomorrow ;)

My cousin Chi Thu gave me these:

Scotch tape holder - in the coolest shape ever !!! :D

And she also gave me this one: A very cute and compact umbrella !! - I even got compliments when i used it just yesterday ! ;)

I bought myself a new deodorant (forgot mine in Odense) and it only costed 10 dkr??? OMG... Oh i think i have to get another one ;)

Derma sunscreen spf 30 for 80 kr! (actually on sale ) - had to have some protection with me when i went to Bon bon land ;)

found myself another collective item: a pair of funny undies!!! Who doesn't love angry birds ??!!:D 

Since i've been around town, i've got to try a lot of new stuff:

The other day i went to @Agnes Cupcake, but this time i ordered something else than cupcakes, as you guys have seen quite often on the blog :b
I had bought a coupon online which offered me two "cupshakes" for the price of one ! :D
---- Must say it sounded weird but i bought it anyway and i don't regret it at all ;)
  basically it's a blended cupcake( any flavor that is available - it changes from day to day) with vanilla ice-cream :O

Mine is the one to the left and the flavor i had chosen was... Drums please !!!!
HAHAHAH !! I know it's weird, but it tasted great for some odd reason ?!
The one to the right is with a milk chocolate/caramel cupcake ...
They simply blend a whole cupcake with frosting together with vanilla ice-cream and pour it into a cup.
I really liked it and it's good on a warm day, but it's quite pricy like the rest of the store. One cupcake cost 30 dkr.(12 cost 300 dkr) , a small one 18 dkr. and the cupshake cost 46 dkr. just about the same price as a REALLY big ice blend from Barasso.

Earlier today I got permission to go out a friends and we decided walk around town and eat dinner afterwards ;)

First i was introduced to a quite spicy but tasteful snack @Kokken Og Karry - an indian takeaway and i loved it ! I don't remember the name and it was quite oily, but it only costed 10 dkr :D

Bad picture because the HDR-function -.-

Then we ate dinner @Kamels - 3 dinner course!! :D
 Okay, it was actually another offer we found online so therefore instead of paying 260 dkr. each(drinks  are not included), we only paid 119 dkr !! :D 

The restaurant is small but you can really sense that it is a fine restaurant - and i looked like a punker ...
So let me take you though the courses^^

 Water ( i have sensible teeth and can't drink fizzy drinks XD)


Mine: Smoked lobster tails and a basket of seasoned bread
Friend: sliced pork with bulgur salad.

Our opinion:
The appetizers were quite new for us, but they tasted good! ;)
Worth to try !

Main course
Mine: Today's fish - which was redfish with fennel sauce 
Friends: beef tenderloin served with garnish and truffle sauce.

Our opinion:
The fish is REALLY GOOD !!!
The beef was mouthwatering  and the combination of both sweet, salt and bitterness was delicious!! 

Mine: french chocolate cake served with ice-cream and strawberries
Friend: Lemon fromage/mousse with strawberries.

Our opinion:
The chocolate cake was simply the best !! OMG I WAS FREAKING MOUTHWATERING !!!! EVen my friend ate half of mine :O
The fromage: baaaaa... It was okay but might be too much thick cream texture... like eating cream cheese, but the flavor was good and it was a strong and not "fake" flavor of lemon.   

Oh my ... it's getting late .. must sleep ;)
 see ya ;)