Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Too old, but not old enough.

I went to Copenhagen Monday afternoon with Julie and Dennis and so far we are enjoying every single minute of it ;)
I was supposed to come here tuesday, but my siblings wanted to leave earlier and so we did... OMG FROM NOW ON I WON'T TAKE THE REGIONAL TRAIN !"#€%& There's so freaking many that has to get on and off because of the annual Roskilde festival  -.-

oh that was out of context...

Today I went to BonBon-land with Julie, Dennis, my niece Catly and Bacon/J/(lets call him Bacon^^)  and we had a really fun time being there. We went there by train and the train station is only 500 meters from the amusement park. I bought some tickets from the local supermarket because there was an offer. The entrance fee includes all the rides for free is 219 dkr., but because I bought the pack offer, i got the entrance, a t-shirt(worth 50 dkr.) and a food coupon(worth 40 dkr.) for only 199 dkr. !! :D
- So i bought three packs and bought another offer from DSB(train company) that offered the entrance and a round trip from any station in Sjælland or Lolland for 220, which means that i only paid 1 dkr. additional for the train and bus ride. ^^. Yaaay i know how to save !! :D
 The weather was rather nice because it was neither too warm or chill - it was just perfect and not a single cloud on the sky.  We only waited max. 7 minutes to try a ride and luckily i got to try all of them in time before the park closed. Dennis was too short to try anything alone so i tried the most of the rides with him. He got scared when we tried the "Hankatten"- roller coaster and started to cry madly -.- .
I really love Bonbonland, because there are a lot more daring roller coasters and rides ^^
Last time i went there was about two years ago, but i got to try quite many rides because i was stuck with adults. They were either tired, hungry or they wanted to go home early because they were bored, but this time, I was in charge! MWHAHAHA!!  We went to the park 10 o'clock and started to go home about 18:20. We had to run, because I checked the train-schedule rather late and found out that the train would be at the station about 18.26... so in order to catch the train in time, we had to run...
 - omg I only ran 200 meters and...oh we'll.... I've realized what a bad condition i have ... -.-
We all slept in the train, looking awkward and ugly... and when we reached Copenhagen and got picked up by my uncle , we were about to pass out...  Oh well.. I'm about to sleep now. night peps!