Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Today while I was waiting for my bus I saw what I thought was a mouse. It was washing its face with its small paws. Gently rubbing the face and the ears, but still some of the dirt couldn't  get of its tiny face. I wasn't the only one who had put my eyes on that cute little feller because others, who also was waiting for the bus, immediately fell in love with its big bold eyes - it was so small and so vulnerable.
A little girl stood beside me with her dad and she couldn't stop pulling his shirt yelling; Dad look!, while pointing her short fingers at the moving thing under the tree.  He narrowed his eyes, smiling and turned to his daughter and said: "That ain't no mouse - It's a rat. This one looks like a mouse but it really is a rat. They're dirty and can spread sickness do don't you try to pick one up".

I really wanted to take it home,  but in end I let the thought go. My bus came and while i was sitting in there i wondered what the vietnamese word for that creature was.