Friday, August 24, 2012


Wow, so much have happened the last few days that i don't even recall one of them... Oh well... what have happened since last time...
Did i tell you guys that i went to ØM/Skanderborg last weekend? I had a some really fun days there and when i finally got home, i realized that i had an assignment ... oh god... Then i checked my schedule and found out i had a test Monday morning from 8-14 .... I even forgot my food that morning so i was starving! -.-

I have some few pictures from the event ^^

We had a cake competition. 5 groups of 3 people had to make a banana-chocolate cake.
I was judge with Linh(the boss :b)

afterwards the other leaders had to compete about eating the cake ;)
and they ran after Linh with the leftovers ... :b

 I managed record some videos from the games from Øm that i will upload soon. it takes quite some time because they're more than 650 mb and my internet connection is really awful when the weather is bad.... why in the world does the quality of my internet have to rely on weather forecast??§§§!!!! -.-

My plans for this weekend: HOMEWORK !!!
and and and... my cousin Anh Thu came wednesday and will stay here till saturday so i might have to postpone some of my homework ;)

Have a good weekend ;)