Thursday, September 13, 2012

Time to end.

Long time no see ^^
For once the reason why the blog looks like a desert is not that I have been busy (oh yes, I AM), but because I don't know what to write about.
The past few weeks have been such a blur for me and i don't quite understand that school started just a month ago, when it feels like i have been trapped in this prison for a lifetime - like i have been doing nothing else than wake up early every morning, brush my teeth, eat breakfast, play hide and seek with my socks and wonder what I want to do in my life - in the future and for a lifetime.
There's only a few months left before I have to send my application for my next school and decide what i want to work with in the future, but as many others I can't decide. Every time i read about an education, I always think it's interesting, but after some few minutes I realize that barely know anything about it. The thought of knowing nothing scares the devil out of me and the deadline is closer than ever.  
Today students and teachers from AU (Århus Universitet) invaded my school... well they just introduced us to how it is to be a college/university student. They told us about homework, class over a week, how much the books cost and what we should prioritize. It's soon my turn to think about this ... -.-
Have you ever heard the saying "stop mens legen er god?" It's a danish saying, but there there's a similar one in english: ""To quit while you are ahead" or "stop while the going is good", and that's what i have decided. I have stopped with my "semi-vegetarian"-project since the start of september. I stopped for about 1.5 year ago.  It was difficult because my stomach is not used to be fed with pork, beef or chicken skin. I got stomach cramps and felt sick after eating meat again and even puked a few times and yes, I would still pick seafood over meat because I prefer/love seafood. HEY CHI VI ! MAKE ME SOME OF YOUR UFO-PIZZAS WITH CURRY N' CHICKEN!!! NO EXCUSES!!