Saturday, September 15, 2012

the blessed one

Today was Julie's birthday and she's 12 now !!!
Such a big girl - and what a drag queen she has been ! :D. My family and i woke up about 6 in the morning to sing for her, because she made reminders all over the house yesterday. We sang and then went to sleep again. My father told me to help him today and so i did, but he decided to close early, because he was afraid that our little birthday drama queen would be mad at him. Just before we closed, my "future father in law" (he calls me his daughter in law), Henrik pulled me over to his customers at the restaurant to present me for them....  and how did i deal with that? Laugh awkwardly and run out of embarrassment.....
    On the way home i bought ingredients for a birthday cake, but when I got home I found out that I needed two tin foils in the exact same size but i did not have any so i had to improvise... and i hope Julie won't be mad at me for tomorrow for the result of my project....
Oh Yeah ! we are celebrating her birthday tomorrow. She invited all the family so my mother used hours to prepare for the party.
 As for gifts, I bought her school supplies, like pens, erasers, a transportable speaker for her Iphone, iPhone-gloves and i've got a cake for her ;)

oh well... Gotta go .I have an assignment i have to be done with.... -.-
Night !


Pheeeew! What a day ! I just finished cleaning the entire house and now i'm up for my NG-assignment (similar to geography but just about stones instead of humans - LOL !)
My mother made too much food that the guests actually went home before the last course... but all the leftovers from the firs course have mysteriously disappeared from the fridge...
My four-layered--vanilla-mint-ice-cream-sandwich-cake was a huge success and over the fuss about it, i managed to save myself a piece for tomorrow, hehe ^^
Just after we cleaned the kitchen Julie and i sat for a talk and we took a look at her presents. A few of them bought us a lot of laughter:
- She got a EOS-lip balm with the scent of honeysuckle - she's allergic ... Hahahahah !!
- She got a nice iPhone cover, but she can't take it off and i broke my nail when i attempted to get it off.
- She got a dress and my mother described it as too sexy and too big.

And what did i give her ? I got her... and her comes the list...:
1) a box with keys for her money
2) a box of pens
3) set of school supplies
4) mini speakers for her phone
5) iGloves
6) pencil case

Not that much again, but it costed me some money :b
- Gotta go, c'ya !