Monday, September 24, 2012

Week recap


Monday I took a day off from my usual duties(well i thought i did), and went to the cinema with J. We watched "Ted" and it was funny. I actually don't recall that much from the movie, because there wasn't anything "catchy" about that movie, besides the thunder-buddy scene and that's because it had been reposted like a hundred times on I was starving and just before the movie started we ordered some sandwiches and smuggled it in ^^

Tuesday I used the whole day to study and to clean the house

Wednesday was another study-day.

Thursday was weird.. I was stroke by both luck and disaster so i'll have to split the highlights of my day in "luck" and "disaster"

Issue: The Lana Del Rey-collection for H&M in store!!

Disaster: The dress and shirt I wanted was out of stock...

Luck: I had to pitied myself so much that I got the flower leggings instead and they were in my size !

Disaster: I had to pick up Dennis from a birthday party and when we walked to the bus stop, it started to pour down and he lost one of his earpieces. 
Luck: one of the other kids mom came by and gave us a lift home and Dennis found out that his earpiece was stuck in his collar. 

Diaster: I was about to be late for my us and therefore late for my test and it still rained.
Luck: The rain stopped when i came to the bus stop.
Diaster: The bus would be here in 30 minutes
Luck: I took my bike and there was no wind all the way to the place
Diaster: and that meant that i was there 45 minutes before the test would begin... 
Luck: but hey ! I passed !! and now i'm one step closer to get my drivers license


School was boring... And I had to do some errands downtown and when i walked by H&M they had the flower-shirt in stock!!!!!!
Afterwards i went home to pack my stuff for DSD - Den Største Dag (The Biggest Day) in Århus. It's an event four catholics all over Denmark to meet up and have a fun time together. I used the most of friday evening to move tables, chairs and help others with food etc. because the guest would come saturday morning, so friday was used for preparations. 

Saturday: PHEEEEWWW! It was a really busy and fun day. My siblings came with the group from Odense. There were about 500 participants from the age of 5 to 60 and just try to imagine that everyone one of then had to dance gangnam style for the morning exercise, because that was so hilarious. In the evening we held a big party - one for 5-12 and one for 13+, but i spend the most of the time with the micros.

And by 22.30 the bishop came by to crash the party ! :b

Dennis and I had to sleep at another school which meant that we slept at 2 am....

Sunday: Had a really busy day, cleaned up and went to church afterwards where i met my cousin and we had a long nice chat, before she had to head home. I got home to Odense about 18 and went to my grandparents to eat dinner. I felt both sick and exhausted, but my parents made us stay till 22 o'clock... When i came home i read like two pages and passed out.