Sunday, September 30, 2012

When september ends

Everybody knows the song "Wake me up when September ends" by  Green Day and especially teenagers about my age.  I heard the song while my family and i were driving to church today and my little sister asked me what if I could translate the line and then i thought: it's almost October ! In my head it feels like the summer holiday just ended two weeks ago and to realize it's october, I feel like there's a decade to the next holiday (which is in two weeks, BUT THAT'S NOT MY POINT!)!!
Autumm is here, winter is almost here and sooner or later spring will come which means schools almost over... argh ! So little time so much to do .... I rather spend my days with you... okay that part was unnecessary, but if you like the Olsen-twins you know what series this song was from ;)..
- September 30 is the annual cinema day which means that there's 50% off the tickets ! :D
Julie, Dennis and I went to Rosengård to watch Pixar's "Brave" and next to other Pixar movies this one disappointed me a bit, beacuse the story line was too simple. There was too much "destiny"-talk throughout the whole movie, but i found the mother-daughter conflict amusing, because Meredith's (the red-headed girl in the movie) mother reminded me a lot about my own mother. I know it's a Disney movie, but my mother talks to me in "third person" as the queen in the movie does to her child. One thing that was different would be that my mother wouldn't feel sorry if she broke some of my stuff, because she would consider it as hers - it's her money that had paid for it and therefore she would consider it as her property .

- After the movie my parents picked us up and we were almost late for a birthday party. One of Dennis' (ADORABLE) classmates, Malte, held a birthday party and his hous was amazingly big !
Their front yard was about the size as my site area... and the driveway was surrounded by tall trees and it was somehow romantic and magical.... the area around their ground was ... fields ? Harvest fields ?!
From far away it looked weird that such a classy house would be surrounded by empty fields, by many like to live on the country side... but Malte's parents are soo yooouunng !!! and yet their house is MUCHO GRRAAAANDE?!!! I have to study hard, get a degree and get a good job - wow i feel motivated... Because i want such a lovely garden toooooo !!!!!!

Okay, next thing to whine about my be my field with my class trip this tuesday... I'm going to somewhere in east Jylland(Jutland) to... Drums please*... study sediments in a river!! AND that's not the only thing ! We are going to observe signs of how the ice age has created the landscape... Interesting huh?  And i thought we were going to study stones again... which we actually ARE going to do.... -.-          Oh well. It's going to be fun as always ;)

This coming wednesday i will leave for another field trip to..... (someone play the triangle)... BRUSSELS !!! OH HELL YEAH I'M GOING TO BELGIUM !! WUHUUU ! & I WILL RETURN SATURDAY !!!
We ordered the tickets months ago and because my teacher wanted us to to have cheap flight tickets for the trip, we had to buy it ourselves, which means that we have to travel at different times.. Luckily nobody has to travel alone, but we are separated in smaller groups  and it's the same when we will return to Denmark. I'm really exited because we are going to the EU parliament, NATO and best of all NEUHAUS!!!!!!! (if you don't know it's a belgian chocolate brand).
I don't know if there's Wifi (even my teacher doesn't know?) but if there isn't i won't be able to post anything about until i'm back :/
Come to think of it ... I have pretty many assignments to finish before i leave  the trips. My teachers think it okay to have an assignment for each subject and that they all have to be handed in before we take off -.-....   also i have to pack my gear ! - like an umbrella ! ;)

But so long everyone ;)

Oh! here's a "laugh" for the evening ;)