Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Heeeeey !!!

My trip to Brussels was amazing ! I love that place and i already miss it.
As i wrote earlier, I went there wednesday after school(about 11) with my class. Some of us had to catch the plane at 13 and the other groups took the later flights. I was with the second group and my plane would depart around 17 and because I checked-in with my iPhone when I was in the train,  I had plenty of time to fool around. I got indian for lunch, cupcakes for dessert(saved all four for late night snack in Brussels), Hot chocolate with mint and a big dirty smile around my mouth when I came back to find some of the others stuck at Joe's and the Juice. I accidentally dropped my box with cupcakes so they were all turned upside down T_____T.
But they still tasted heavenly.
The flight was fine. I was unlucky to be seated alone, but it only took about one hour and 30 minutes. The first team was waiting at the arrival hall for us, and when we came there, we were told that the last team would be late, because of the plane. The first group experienced a lot of turbulence so they all felt sick :/
We played hide and seek till the other came and then our teachers found out that the train stroked and we had to find a bus instead. We all got on one but it did not stop close to the hostel, so we changed to the metro and then walked about a kilometer before we got there. It rained heavily since we arrived and most of our luggage got wet. The rooms were not decided yet and the type of the rooms were different. I teamed up with my friend Anne and we got the coziest room ever - lot's of space ;)
We unpacked and went down to the bar to play twister with the others, but after a few games we went to bed around 2 o'clock. Around 3 o'clock somebody knocked hard on our door and because Anne and I just fell asleep, we woke up immediately by the loud noise. I got up (because i slept in the lower beth) and to my surprise, Mads from my class stood outside the door with a sad face. He told me he went to the toilet, but forgot his card key for his room, which means he got locked out. I tried to call his roommates, Simon and Mickey,  but they did not pick up. I was so tired and my head was spinning, so I was really annoyed. My teacher, Astrid came out to see what it was all about and I told her that i would take care of it, so she could sleep again. Poor woman ! - on the one side her hair was flat down and normal but on the other side it decided to break the law of physics and was pointing up. 
Mads was drunk and couldn't stop blabbering, so i told him to shut up and get into bed. My bed was kinda wide and enough to fit two persons, but I did not get any sleep at all.... He did not sleep peacefully... He made a lot of noises,  talked in his sleep, turned the bed lamp on/off several times and  it was disturbing. Anne woke up many times throughout the night and about 6 she woke up to run with some of the others - one of them, Simon. Mads got his chance to get back into his room and so he did and got some sleep while I was turning and twisting in my bed with head- and stomachache.. JUST BRILLIANT! He's even the new guy and  since I don't know him that well.....he gave me the "best first impression"... like ever....

Thursday morning i felt grumpy and it did not get better because the breakfast was the worst ever!!. The bread was chewy - chewy in as like eating a piece of paper. There was chocolate sprinkles instead of normal chocolate butter/spread - WHO THE HELL EAT BREAD WITH ICE CREAM SPRINKLES?!!

We visited the EU-commission and the parliament, got a look around town and met different politicians. It was awesome to meet another (personal)perspective with the work around EU as an organization instead of the theories we had been working with before the trip.  And I thought everybody spoke in flemish, but to my surprise many talked French! Finally i could use some of my french skills! (like if i had any)

food was quite expensive in Brussels ! :(

When we were let off, me and some girls did some sightseeing, window-drooling  and i shopped myself to death with chocolates (actually got praised by the cashier for my french!!^^) - Actually it is more difficult to find a clothing shop than a chocolatier. It is like 7eleven! They are everywhere !?
Many of them displayed chocolate art!


Outside around the parks there are many fun exhibitions like these big sculptures.

Me and some other girls decided to hang out together after we got some sleep, so at 7 we went out to get some dinner. We ate at nice, cozy bar and i got moules frites (mussels cooked in white wine served with fries) but the fries were awful!! it was like sliced, raw potatoes.... After dinner we went downtown to try out the many famous beers that Brussels are famous for and we found THE bar with record of having the biggest variety of beers. The cherry beer i something i absolutely can recommend!! I got a mojito but there was too much alcohol in my friends's , so i went down and asked for sugar, but it wasn't enough and so we got some liquid sugar instead. We decided after some few drinks to find the other girl group and the boys and we were totally lost.. Luckily we found then at Manneken Pis ( a famous statue of a boy who piss).... Got some few drinks and then i decided to go home.  It wasn't that late either but i had to shay sharp for the next day. Forgot to take pictures while we were out at the bars. 

Friday morning started out with a visit at NATO. Due to security we had to leave all electronic devices at the checkpoint. During the session about what NATO works with, many fell asleep but we got to sit at a "horse shoe meeting table" with hear devices  and microphones so it felt like to be at a real meeting. The next stop was a meeting with a lobbyist about his work for an agriculture organization and the end, a meeting at the danish embassy. 

Then we were off. Anne and I just wanted to go home and we walked all the way home ;)
Because it was the last night, the whole class ate dinner together. for dessert i had ordered a belgian waffle but what i got looked like something from the danish supermarket(by that i mean it looked like a slice of toast bread)... I was SOOO disappointed and throughout the whole trip, i did not get to eat any belgian waffle T___T.

I went downtown with some girls to find some gift for family etc. instead of pub-crawl and we looked all around, in every single souvenir shop to find something nice. I decided not to drink and went straight home to get some sleep. Tried to call Dennis, but the internet connection at the hostel was bad

Saturday morning I had to wake up 6 am saturday morning, be ready by 7 take the train by 7:30  and arrive at the airport by 8 and wait for my plane ... which would first depart at 11.30.... so... plenty of time to use the last euros that i had..'
But first i had to wait for the desk to open so we could check in...

Louisa and Mads.

newlyweds !

Then Mickey and I went to explore the airport - that's Mickey ;)

Collector's cup from Starbucks. 

venti apple spiced latte

We found the other guys sleeping at the gate. 

Tower with my Eeyore 

I sat next to Tower and Mads on the plane and i couldn't help myself, so i took a picture of him sleeping XD

and a video too

Bought beer as gifts for my family ;)

When i got back to Denmark, i felt sick because it was much colder in Denmark than in Belgium.  We got on the train after nearly two hours of wait and i was in Odense by 16.05 precise, at home by 17 and gone again by 18.15. I almost forgot that i promised Julie to go to a concert with danish artists like Aura, Buhan G, Rune RK, Nicoline Toft, Sander and Ankerstjerne. Julie was pretty exited when we were sitting in the bus and before we left Dennis hugged us both ( He couldn't come because my mother did not want it). Oh, I forgot to tell that he just got his right leg operated and therefore he is in a wheel chair ( but still he walks like normal besides it looks funny, because his leg is all plastered in)
The concert was fine and if it wasn't because there was chairs(the concert was held in a sports hall) i would be so tired of being there. Julie and i had a great time i knocked off on my bed without changing my clothes. 

Sunday morning mom woke me up and told me to go to church with dad, Julie and Dennis because she felt sick. Apparently nobody would go, so I jumped on my bike and went to church alone. 

In the afternoon we went to the opening of a new Chinese buffet restaurant in Odense (because there was 50% off the buffet) with the most of my mother's family. I met my grandparents and they asked me about the trip and everything. I was suddenly in the right mood so i told everyone that i had a boyfriend and i did not either get yelled of cheered at but just a shoulder clap and shaken heads. Oh well what a bomb i had to drop there ... but it felt good. For once i did not have to hide anymore and i'm sure of that i did the right thing by telling that i wasn't single anymore ^^. I slept well that night.

Monday was pretty tiring and tuesday too because of school projects. I decided to watch "IT" and even though it's an old movie i find it horrifying... which reminds me it's almost a year ago since last time i even touched the book. I haven't finished it yet, I've only read like 1/3 of it, but i'm almost finished with the movie.. the fun is that the 1/3 i have read from the book is 1/2 of the movie. 
I have to finish it, but won't do it now because i'm scared and like to watch horror movies in bright daylight ^^

Oh' it's late. NIGHT !
I have a videoblog from the trip but i'll save that for later.