Friday, October 12, 2012

I'm unlucky today but...

I'm unlucky today because I was almost late for school this morning. I'm not I only had to be in school for an hour.
I'm unlucky today because I've been sick. I'm not because i have holiday and i'm going to Copenhagen.
I'm unlucky today because I had to carry a lot of luggage with me. I'm not, because my mother gave Dennis, Julie and I a ride to the central station.  I'm not because she drove like slower than the bus.
I'm unlucky today because the line for the ticket booth was long. I'm not because the people in front of me was a group, but weird enough they stood in line...
I'm unlucky because i did not have enough money for the ticket. I'm lucky because i found my card just in time.
I'm unlucky because i bought the wrong ticket so i had to pay much more. I'm unlucky because the conductor told me it could not be refunded. I'm unlucky because i called the DSB customer service's hotline and they told me the same. I'm unlucky because i even tried to refund my ticket at Copenhagen central station and they told me no, because i would need the conductors sign to do so. I'm not, because as i stepped out of the glass door, the conductor stood right in front of me. I'm not because i got him to sign the ticket and went back to the ticket seller. I'm not because i got my money back.  I'm lucky today because my uncle came to pick me up, so i wouldn't have to take the bus. I'm lucky because he bought us coconut ice-pops. I'm lucky that throughout out the journey today I had a shoulder to rely on.  I'm lucky today because I got someone who could talk for me, when i felt silenced. I'm lucky today because i had one who could lighten the weight of my burdens.

I'm lucky today because i got someone like you.

Happy 2nd anniversary for the blog ^^.

btw. If you haven't seen "catch me if you can"... DO IT!
That Abagnale is my idol !

(link is in Danish)