Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Tuesday last week i went to Aarhus to do some student internship for 3 days and because of the busy schedule I haven't blogged since then. I went to BSS - Buisness and Social Science school (the former business or school of economic in Aarhus) and stayed at my cousin Hoang Vi for the nights. There was about 600 students from all over Denmark that were on BSS.
 For each day i had a schedule (from about 9-16). Wednesday was mostly an introduction-day to the campus and the variety of bachelor programs the school offers. I had a mandatory lecture about "conduct - difference between management and leadership" and then i chose "financing" for fun, but left after an hour because i wasn't on that level.... and the lecturer even advised that we should leave after the first hour.
The school did not provide for either sleep-facilities or transportation expenses, but they did offer a sandwich for lunch - and they were good... except the one with brie... that particular one was disgusting.
 Thursday i had class with a random group of other high school students and we used the theory from wednesday about leadership and management to work with a case. It was actually fun but i think that we used to much time talking about why Aarhus would be the ideal place to study ... But Aarhus really is a great place to live in for students. I've talked a lot about that with my cousin and got some inspiration from her about how i should live my life as a student and not as a pupil as i am now.  We (mostly me) talked like flooding waterfalls in which resulted in insomnia .... hahahha ... She made me sushi, funny and great smoothies and she took care of me like a really caring big sister even though she was busy with her own schedule.
Friday was a funny day because i had classes from 9.45 to 12.30 but i woke up late because my other cousin Hoang Anh (yeah, Vi and Anh are sisters) paid us a visit and it was great to see her again.  She came like 1 o'clock so i think we went to sleep about 3 or so.. So I was REALLY sleepy that morning and so were they. Back to school: I had the option to choose (because those who wasn't late would be randomly put in to groups/classes) between a lecture or to observe a class of 1st year students and just picked a paper saying: "statistics". It was actually great  because this time i could actually understand the most of it so i was HAPPY!. It all came to an end soon. We got a break around 11 and i went to the office building to find a counselor  i could ask some questions concerning the education, books and etc., but then i was told by the secretary that asked for direction, that i had to leave  because the police was evacuating the building because the school had received a letter with a bomb threat...LOL !'
so all the classes were dismissed and all the students were sent home... so that's how my days were spent. exciting right ?

So in conclusion with my experiences that i have got from my days in Aarhus and a university student:
- don't eat black beans - especially chili con carne .... if you do so you should be arrested for murder..... F A T A L I T Y'

Hahhahah! no seriously i mean it ! -

i would totally recommend high schoolers as myself who isn't sure about their future and what they want to study to sign up for this school internship programs. It's a great experience!!