Friday, November 2, 2012

Con thương ba

thi con giống mẹ.
- The sentence above is a line from a vietnamese children's song.

Yesterday was my father's 50th birthday and the man is getting quite old now. It's really weird to think of that just a decade ago everything was different. He could throw me up in the air, take me to the amusements park and make me try every single ride that almost made me piss in my pants - just by looking at them. Now i'm too heavy, too tall and too old, but he is still the same person in heart. A lot has happened the past decade: we've experienced the small miracles that both create a life and also stop one. Also what it means to have success in life and the meaning of being happy - because they do not always go hand in hand. He taught me be to be thankful.  but now how to spell

Yesterday i went from town to town, with bus and train, crossed oceans and land(almost**) to get my father THE birthday cake and i found one. Just perfect for him. I took the cake to his workplace to surprise him, but he'd already left when i got there. I called him about 30 times and with no answer i had to take the train home and the cake got cold because it was quite windy. But it was all worth it. At first he was mad at me for coming home late and he did not believe that i went to his workplace, but when he saw the cake he understood. We sang a couple of times, he wished and blew the candles and then i went to bed because i was too exhausted - Too exhausted even for a piece of cake !!!
 I had walked around with the cake for about 5 hours and i was so frustrated when i couldn't reach my dad on the phone, so in the end of the day i was left without any kind of energy.

Happy Birthday dad !