Monday, October 15, 2012

Little Alien

Saturday I spend the most of the time at home and once again (and as usual when i'm at mu uncle's place in Copenhagen), i tried to be creative.

I had an old neon-yellow purse i bought from H&M for about 20 kr. a year ago or so. Its color had faded a bit and the corners turned grey/blue, which probably had come from my jeans. I thought about cutting it and make something fun out of it and yes... so what i did make out of it was completely random... and weird.. So here is what i did in steps.

 1st Project: "Yo dawg! I heard you like yellow purses, so i took your purse and made it into another yellow purse".

1. Cut the hem so the pieces fall apart.

2. I found my old plastic box for my iPod Nano and took the paper out of it.

3. Measure the zipper so it fits the box(top piece).
4. Glue it !

5. Glue a bottom pies and a side piece to cover the side.

6. Glue the zipper to the other plastic container. 

7.  Be proud and try to remove the glue from your hands. 
8. cry happily and clap shoulder to praise yourself!

9. Remember that you got the other side to  cover with fabric.
10. measure the bottom with the fabric

11. find out that the other piece is too small for the other side...
12. Whine loudly
13. Be rational
14. Whine silently 
15. Think that everybody would think it ought to look like that 
16. think that you are awesome and going to be a designer someday.
17. Take a lot of photos to document your fail experiment.

2nd Project: "Not sure if i should save the fabric, or make something else out of it"
- and we are proceeding from step 17.

18. Go to "".
19. search  "random"
20. search "round edged stars"
 21. Copy a picture in to a word document
 Search "honeycomb"
22. find Android
23. Search apple
24. find "android vs apple"-pictures
25.  Copy android photo into word document
 26. Print word document.
27. Cut the shapes out of the paper
28. place on fabric and cut the figures out
29. Place them on the tee you randomly found next to you.
30. Wonder why the hell your tee is here.
31. Focus on your project instead.
32. Pause and brush teeth to Dennis.
33. Back to process

34. Ask uncle and aunt for help with glue and how to place the figures and for inspiration.
35.Place android as you like (mouth open, eating something, crossed arms etc.) and glue it with super fabric glue instead of normal cheap superglue that ruins everything.

36. Place stars and glue them.

36. Take a picture of what you have ruined.

37. Wear tee and cam-whore

38. blog
39. Blog tomorrow
40. go to sleep.