Tuesday, November 27, 2012

InStress - ExStress

WHOA!? It's almost december now! For me it's a sign to begin the countdown - in less than 6 months the exams will begin and in 5 months the "cram"-period would start... It's scary to think that the time pass so fast, but i try to forget and get the most out of my days. It's really cold in Denmark and according to the weather forecast it is going to snow this friday.. THIS FRIDAY !!!??? HELL NOOO !!! I DON'T EVEN HAVE A WINTER COAT NOR A GOOD PAIR OF WINTER BOOTS YET !`!??!?!?!? ARRRGHHHHHH...... I've my eyes glued for some pairs on the internet but many of them are too expensive and i'm currently short on money...

Okay.. Since I haven't blogged for a while I think I would like to share my "calendar" for the past week and for the next few days.

Friday: went to Julie's class party. 1/5 of the night was used to act like a mother, 2/5 to sneak in the kids' movie theatre, 1/5 to pretend to like the horrible food and 1/5 to focus on Dennis only.

Saturday: Double-date! celebrated anniversary... with Dennis and Julie... Ate sushi for breakfast!! :D
Did some gift shopping but used the most of the time to hang out in the electronic section in Bilka (GIANT supermarket/department store)

Sunday: Church and finished assignment for social studies.

Monday: Had two presentations in school and a really long day. Just finished my geography assignment due tonight. The doctors removed Dennis' cast !! :D

Comming plans:

Tuesday: work with new geography and new math assignment due the 30th.

Wednesday: repeat tuesday, and buy food for the weekend.

Thursday: Homework...

Friday: hand-in assignments


Sunday: work again.

Goodnight peeps!

Btw.  I can't upload pictures because i don't have any space left on my flickr account so there for i have to upgrade it soon... Maybe i even buy a domain for the blog !  :D