Saturday, November 17, 2012

vampires don't eat

Blog update.
Yesterday i went to Dennis' class party and it was pretty fun.  At first it was boring because i had no one around my age to talk to, but instead of chatting with the other parents about "their" kids, i played around with the minions instead. We played a lot of different games and they were all so energetic all the time that when the parents called us for dessert we did the boogie all the way down to the dining hall. After  we finished, they all surrounded me and i had to play with them again.  I'm actually glad that i could use what i've learnt from the DUK-activities.
come to think of it. Oh NO ! I have a stack of assignments waiting for me and i've been sick for some time now, so i don't feel like i have any kind of energy for them…..

Which reminds me of....

The other day Julie, Dennis and I did our homework together and suddenly my dad came in asking if any of us had gotten any better (read: we're sick). We all yelled like "NOOO" and "NEIN" and then he threw mini Twister ice pops after us. BTW. I've finally reached a milestone! My dad isn't too strict about what Julie and I eat anymore and that's because it has finally got into his mind that  a 12 year old should not diet nor starve to lose weight. He's afraid that Julie won't grow taller or that she might get have an eating disorder someday. I'm glad he realized it (yeah if he didn't after countless discussions about the topic, there would be something completely wrong with him).
Anything else i wanted to share ?.......
I'm going to eat dinner with my friends tomorrow ! We have a fishmarket-date (Name of an icelandic cookbook)!:D
.... and help the Nun at the church..... and take a bath.... and maybe cut my hair... and maybe  get rid of that butterfly that has been living in my room for a month ... I can't believe it's still alive...

 One thing i want to share with you guys !
As you all know the last twilight saga movie just hit the cinemas the other day and yes, i'm going to see it with my friends because since the first movie, we have had like a date every time a new movie in the series premiere ;)
- but that was not what i was going to talk about.. heheh i get off topic easily.. XD

Out of all the "teenagers" in the movie - who is the oldest ?
so Rob P. is 26, Kirsten is 22, taylor is 20, ashley greene(alice) is  some few years older than kirsten, kellan Lutz(the guy that plays emmett) one year younger than "Jasper" , Nikki Reed(rosalie) is two years younger than Rob,  jackson rathbone (Jasper) is older than Rob... and count "bella's classmates" in this too.
.... so have you guessed it ? Who is the oldest actor among them ?

The oldest of them happen to be Justin Chon aka Eric (the Chinese guy in the twilight movies). 
Just try to guess his age before you click on this link:

Yeah, there must be something about asians and age huh ? ;)

I'm not a big fan of the series - either the book nor the movies, but i have to finish what i've started. I'm neither on team Jacob, Bella or Edward etc. I like vampires though, but not this one, because i think something is wrong about vampires shimmering in daylight. Actually in this picture i find Rob (effortlessly) handsome while being chased by my fav president, hahah XD

exactly - no shimmer at all, and that suits him well. BUT i did have a crush on him when he portrayed as Cedric in Harry Potter ;)

DOH ! i have to leave now because i have to pick up my pizza :p

Good weekend!