Friday, November 9, 2012

work for money you don't earn.

I had a day off from school wednesday  because it was the "operation dagsværk"-day. OD-day which it's also called,  is a day that students work and donate the money they earn to charity. This year all the money goes to different projects in Iraq which helps vulnerable children. I found the organization's  "purpose" on their website and just translated the whole thing through google translate ^^


Grassroots want to give young women and men in Iraq the chance to be young - and the opportunity to give the next generation the opportunities they never had.
Grassroots will establish a youth movement that through education of 'union pilots' and local club activities will encourage and prepare a generation of young people to participate in society, to influence and contribute to building a peaceful and democratic Iraq.

I'm proud to say that i've worked my ass of this time ;)
Last year i worked at a restaurant in Odense for 6-7 hours straight and i earned 300 kr., but this time i took two jobs and earned more than 5 times the money i earned last year and actually in a shorter amount of time XD! I took different jobs around here in Denmark, because i couldn't find a job close to where i live. I got a worker-pas which meant i could travel all around Denmark with bus and train - free of charge. My first job was at a children's theatre close to the habour so it was darn cold ! There were to many buildings and i was lost until i got some reliable directions that i could follow, than my stupid iphone. the office was located in this old, scary looking building, but inside was quite cozy. There was sofas, kitchen and small fireplace. The decorations were colorful and really creatively made.  My job was quite simple - i had to collect cards, put them in piles of ten in each, secure them with a rubber band and then pack them into bags. Each bag should have 8 sets and one set contained 10 piles so let me break it down:

1 bag= 8 sets = 10 piles = 10 cards   --> 10*10*8 = 800 cards in one bag = 80 rubber bands.

The job itself was easy enough and the manager of the theatre was really kind. She bought me croissants for breakfast and made me a cup of tea, before I started to pack. I tried to get as much done as i could and finished 2 bags myself and then i manager wanted to join me and we finished 3 together in no time. We made a funny system: she collected the cards, i put the rubber band around them and put them into piles, sets and then bags. We had a really fun time together, because she loved to travel and loved to talk about amazons and other amazing places she had been to. She shoved me some pictures from her holiday and so did i. I shoved her my pictures from Iceland and grand canyon ^^
I only worked 3.5 hour because she had to go to the post office and offered me a ride to the train station. I went happily from there with 400 kr. in my pocket because i earned more than last year in no time and this job was actually fun and not as hard as the job i had last year.
I had another job later in that day in another town, so i had to take the train, but if i went there immediately i would be there too early, so i got myself some dinner in the meantime ^^.

The reason why i took two jobs was because i thought that i wouldn't earn enough on my afternoon job. The description of the job said that i had to take some cans to the vending machine to recycle them and get the money as my salary. I thought that i would earn about 200, but when i came to that dear man, he surprised me .... with 8 trash-bags(REALLY BIG BAGS) full of cans. I only had an hour to put them all in the vending machine ( i thought it was a single bag i had to empty?? =!=##=“£“@€) and just before the supermarket closed i cashed in an 1100 dkr. receipt and got the money. one can is worth 1 kr. which means  i've recycled 1100 cans ?!!!! :O and under an hour ??!!! :O and i even had one bag left! I took it home and came to Odense again around 23 o'clock and got my mother to pick me up ;)

I'm so glad that i've earned a lot and really happy that i can donate the money for a good purpose. I might be the person who had earned the most i my school.. so... i might even win a little prize myself.  ^^

Overall  it feels GREAT to know that i did my best and that i actually can help somebody. I was so tired on the way home, but i couldn't stop smiling ^^

Oh and another thing i want to talk about when it comes to charity is the whole "movember "-trend. I know it's fun and everything, but don't forget the purpose behind it - it's for charity. I talked to my boyfriend an encouraged him to grow one and i've already offered a sum of money to support his beard/ the "cancer society".  I think everybody has to try - just once in a while, to do something that will help others without wanting anything in return, because it feels great.

Good weekend guys ^^