Saturday, December 8, 2012

I love Zombies

Today i got my SRP-problem statement, which is THE biggest assigment/projekt for the seniors.
I have about two weeks to work with it and therefore no blog posts from today and until i'm on holiday !
I'm a little behind when it comes to reading the materials that i have collected for the project. I've been so busy with anything else like church activities, assignments, projects and the fact that i have a family to take care of, makes even assignments seem to lighten my burdens. 

Another light in this dark times is that i have set for myself to read some more. I'm going to treat myself "Warm Bodies" as a christmas present and i'm going to read "The Great Gatsby" for my next self-chosen danish-assignment. I had thought about reading one of Nicholas Sparks books but a sign from heaven reminded me that my cousins once told they were too "lovey dovey". Later i found this on, HAHAHA! I might as well skip this one for now ;)

 Yesterday i won two tickets for a football match between FC. Copenhagen and Steaua Bukarest, but since it's Copenhagen and i live too far away i couldn't go. I wrote a post on Facebook but forgot to post it and therefore (unfortunately) nobody could go instead of me :(
Every time i win anything... I will be out of any kind of luck the next couple of days.... But this time it was quite different. 
*I was allowed to go to Copenhagen to visit my grand parents with my sibling for the weekend and they finally got internet !!!
*I got a lift all the way from home and therefore no money spend on tickets. 
*DSB has just mailed that they would refund me 750 dkr. for an old fine I got, because they made a mistake. 
* I'm satisfied with my SRP-problem statement!

BUT !! The only thing that totally ruined my mood was i just got an email that stated that i was not chosen to be at the screen test for the adaption of Warm Bodies !... I HAVE TO WAIT FOR FREAKING FEBRUARY  ! AND I COULD HAVE SEEN THE MOVIE BEFORE ANYBODY ELSE BECAUSE THE SCREEN TEST IS THIS TUESDAY !!! THE MOVIE MIGHT NOT EVEN HIT THE DANISH CINEMAS AND I COULD HAVE BEEN THERE TO DECIDE THAT !!T ___T

I need something to describe my mood right now... so why not a song from the dark side?

Well... for the time being i would have to enjoy that handsome R this way:

#2 Trailer - it's funnier than the first one "! XD

#3 Makeup tutorial