Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Project "how to": Recycle a magazine rack

My room is really messy and some of the stuff that keep taking the most of the place is stuff i can't get rid of.... like my accessories. For about a year or so i have stored the most of my necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings in a gym bag and kept the bag in my closet. Even though i actually don't have any time to organize i tried to think out of the box and be creative. 
Usually i would par my earrings, put them into old, empty Pickwick tea-boxes or small containers, but they can't even hold them all and in no time, my earring would disappear and my necklaces would be tangled. 

I tried to try something new.
It may not look good or either be smart
- but it worked for me so far. 

So here's my guide to organize your inexpensive jewelry. 

I have a magazine rack fastened to my book shelf, which stands right next to my mirror and makeup-drawer

 I don't use it for anything else, than to display some magazines i have, but don't (more like "haven't) read.  and it's also a place i keep my angry birds toys. 

I took some of the content of my sports bag on the table, just to get an overview on how many different kinds of goods I have. 

I bought some different stuff from a clothing store that was about to close and they sold all the content of the store - including these hooks for 2 kr. each. :D

They had to be secured tightly so therefore i could only hang them on the frame that is secured closely to the wall. Otherwise they would fall off. 

Then i just started to organize, so everything would fit the space on the rack. I  hung my stuff in different orders to see if it it could take the weight and etc....

And voila! This is how it ended looking like:

First row from top:
1: Left: big/wide bracelets   Right: Chunky/heavy bracelets (works as amour)
2:  left: feather earrings    right: long and big earrings.
3.Bracelets and my self made earings.
4. weird earrings from H&M
5. singles and heavy earrings
6. the earrings i use the most. 
7. the bjørn borg bag keeps bracelets i have made/knotted myself
8. Left: long necklaces       middle: plain chains     right: collarbone-length necklaces

Note* i still keep my rings in an iPhone box.. but I keep my expensive jewelry's in a small jewelry box.
I keep the pin-in type of earrings in the box you can see in the 6# picture, down left. 

Before i snug into my pajamas, i hang my accessories back to place and it's easy and fast. It's like a check-out-counter. 

That's how i would use a rack and i hope you can find some inspiration to (re)use things that just are for decoration or that you're about to throw out. 

Good luck. 

and good night!