Friday, December 28, 2012

too much 3D for a day


Long time no see, so here's a little recap since the 24th ;)

25. December.
- Went to church in the morning, ate a lot of food and spend the day relaxing with my family.

26. December
- Went out to watch The Hobbit in 3D HFR in the afternoon and went out for the second time to watch Life of Pi in 3D again.

27. December
- Went out to ice-skate for 4 hours and then went to Fields to return a gift (read: perfume set). Ate so much Kentucky that my stomach was about to explode and got some gifts from an old friend. Found some shoes i wanted but have to buy extra soles because my "duck-feet" problem, so did not buy them in the end. Did get to buy a game (my boyfriend bought it for me), so i'm going to do an all-nighter :D

28 December ....
wait for it! :D

Night everyone