Monday, January 21, 2013

under the cover

One thing i can't get enough of are coats. Honestly there's a lot of things i can't get enough of but for me coats are like dresses - like  a dress you can show off in the winter without freezing to death. 
Last time i was in Copenhagen I found a bunch of coats i would love to own. The few i've picked out here were on sale, so I don't think you would be able to find any of them and if you were able to, there would probably not be in the right size. 
But here we go !

The first one here is from Peak Performance and it costed about 700 dkr. after discount. It's dark blue,  really thick, warm and i love the buttons and the hood.

The second one is this batwing-looking cape from InWear. The fabric is thick but light and the best about it is that it has a hood and that it can be tightened around the waist. It costed about 800 dkr. on sale.

The third one is a classic sand colored Burberry-looking coat from Designernes Remix Collection. I love the color but unfortunately it shows my falws because it's bright color and it quite long for my short legs. It costed about 1200 dkr.

This one is from Zara and costed 1000 dkr.  The coat itself is very normal but it's the details on the sleeves that makes this one special. I love that it's covered with studs, because it makes look more edgy despite the sophisticated blue color ^^.

The red one i'm holding is my Peak Performance jacket i bought back in december with a 75% discount so i only had to pay 1000 dkr.

My hunt for coats couldn't just stop after a single shopping spree in CPH, so i found two online. 
I don't where the first one is from and sadly it's only available  in baby sizes. It's the lion one I would really love to have for myself, but i would have to buy it for my kid someday then.... yeah.. let's wait 12 years for that to happen. 

Coats from Burberry is never an exception on a girl's wish list so i have gathered a few that made me drool...

The last one i want to show you is from Kenzo. Immediately when i saw it i fell in love. It costs about 8.000 dkr. so i can do nothing than keep dreaming about it.