Wednesday, January 23, 2013

When music brings the “∞#$@ out of me

Music has a wonderful power: it can make you sad, it can make you cry. It can make you laugh and you won't know why. Everybody has more than once experienced that the lyrics from a completely random song fits the situation you are in and that you can recall many things that are mentioned in the song from your own life. That's probably what that makes music so great - It understands us more than anything and describe the feelings we have, but don't dare to express. I caught myself crying the other day while listening to a korean song. I felt so sad and i did not even understand what the heck the guy was singing,  but i was so moved that i was making my own fountain of mount cheek.
 Music can always calm us and yet make us restless and i have experienced that  - for better and for worse. But for this time i want to tell about a situation i tackled in such a wrong way that i succeeded my test.

When I went to the examination for my drivers license I was so nervous that i started hymn.. At first it was really, but every time there was something that i was nervous about i started to talk loudly or even   started to hymn even louder.  When there was only 10 minutes left and i could sense that we were on the way back to the school. I was so nervous so i tried to turn some music on, but pushed a lof of wrong buttons and in fear to lose my focus on the road i started to sing for myself. The worst was that i had picked a song from Phineas and Ferb. I just kept singing: "I've got no rhythm" in danish. At first i could barely hear my own voice, but then it became louder and louder. The more closer i got to home, i felt more nervous and therefore sang louder.  The inspector laughed at me when the car stopped and thanked me for the six minutes long  one-line song... So my advice is that you are the person that likes to sing when you're nervous is to keep doing that if you have a good voice. But if you're like me, cranky and bad, then you'll have to find something else than singing that can make you calm...