Monday, March 11, 2013

days like others

Just two weeks ago i was still in Vietnam and now it all feels so distant - all the good times and all the good food are now just pictures on my iphone and i don't want to see them again, because the pictures i have in my head are even better and i don't like them to be ruined.

I have a lot to catch up with when it comes to school but i can manage it. Today was a day off and I wanted to do some reading for tomorrow's test and from the break of dawn till now i haven't even finished a page. Sometimes i regret staying home when i have a day off from school. My parents see "a day off" as a "day to do chores", so instead of reading and prepare myself for tomorrow i've vacuum the car, took it for a carwash, went out to get groceries, took Dennis to the dentist and because i was out of time i did not go to the bank before they closed. I've cooked dinner and i've cleaned my room.
As my friend says: "suddenly everything else becomes more interesting when we have to study", and I agree, because otherwise why would i even be on the blog tonight? Hahah. I'm not ranting on my parents. We're all busy with our own projects these days and I pity Juliet and Dennis for being the victim for our reckless rush. I took them out for a movie and dinner at Jensens Bøfhus last week and today I spend my time with them watching a movie I have to watch again another time because of distraction. My mind is somewhere else and where is it ? It's not in Vietnam, not Copenhagen, not at home and nowhere to be found.

Totally lame achievement for this week: Finished watching Faith - a  24 ep. korean drama series from 2012 starring Kim Hee Sun and Lee Min Ho. It's really good ! Totally recommend it ! It's about a plastic surgeon that gets kidnapped by a soldier to another time dimension - 600 years before hers.

Guess who's my new hair idol ?

Another achievement is that I got 85% off on a spring-jacket! I'll show you when I get it ^^

It's no secret that i love k-pop and have been listing to it for a long time now. like since... 2006 or something? It was when Bi rain was the hottest "-__-"-eyed singer ever ! hhahaha !
Sometimes when i listen to a song on the radio i think it sounds like Chinese (no offense, but i it's a habit saying that something is in Chinese if i don't understand it - it could be greek as well :b). Well here's some songs that i have been played on repeat in my head and no! it's not only korean (almost)!:

SHINee's outfit in the Dream Girl MV reminds me  .... of my own closet .. because i have flower pants.. a checked blazer, a spotted shirt, pink hipsters and a fancy floor mob ...

The last one is not because of the song but moreover the video because i love that big fluffy blue bear's evil look, dance and the clothes are hilariously cute. Reminds me of Big Bang and I love Lee Hi's outfits and her looks in this MV.

 The only one I do like listening to on the radio is Scream And Shout by Britney and and that's because of i keep having the wrong picture in my head when i hear it and that is thanks to hahahah got to love people on 9gag.

*** Note: I've got myself an Ipad mini and it tends to delete some words from my posts, so i apologize if theres a lack of coherence here and there.