Wednesday, March 6, 2013

you won't meet him twice

If you guys have noticed the petite feller, SuiNho i have posted so many pictures of in my post about Vietnam, he's my so called "nephew" (vietnamese relations are hard to figure out). He's about 1.5 years old and he's really small, but has the cutest smile and biggest eyes.

...and yesterday he lost his father because of a heart attack.

My father called me down yesterday to tell me what had happended and asked me if i ever got to talk to him, because my dad didn't.  When i was in Vietnam i had many fun times with SuiNho's father because compared to many other, he was quite young for being a farther - he was only 23.  THe reason why i don't know his name is because he told me to call him "em" which here means younger brother. It actually scares me that a person i was with for more than a week, just passed away - without telling me his name. He was easy to talk to and so was his wife, em Huong. At the Tet-dinners they would always sit next to me, because i was closer to their age and also because even though they belonged to the group of adults, they still were too young to participate in their discussions. We had similar interest and we had many funny moments. It worries me that SuiNho lost his father so early.  They were still so young and had so many years before them so it hurts me to see a family to be in such a awful situation - a wife losing her husband and a child losing his father.. I've send my condolences to em Huong and my other relatives in Vietnam for their loss.

For me it just seems so unreal that he's gone. like it was some made-up-news Casper Christensen (danish comedian) could come up with. My holiday in Vietnam seemed unreal when i came home again - like a dream that i just woke up from but this one isn't. I'm happy that i got to know such a fine person. A person that would hold his child in his arms until he slept, just so his wife wouldn't get her back hurt, but I'm sad that such a thing could destroy the happiness for such a lovely family.  At these times i really feel that life isn't fair.

I can't imagine how it would be to lose the love of your life.