Wednesday, March 27, 2013

fun in small amounts

I've really enjoyed vacation which is the reason why i haven't even touched a computer for days... Well that's a lie because i think people would consider tablets as computers and i've been playing a lot of games... and about tablets...... I'm now an owner of an IPad mini....

"so where's the !!!!!! ?" you might say.

I've never been too found of Apple products and I've never used money to buy one. What i have, are gifts from my family so i don't complain and still I am very thankful ^^.

So heres a picture of my iPad taken with my IPhone taken with my IPad taken with my IPhone...

I'm a true 9gagger .... Which sound awkwardly disgusting#T#€Y€!!!!

Yes it's in freaking white... and I prefer black .... oh mother you know me so well..

I have no life

Right now i'm in Copenhagen for the easter holiday and if you're a danish citizen you would know about the school crisis. Due some disagreements between the union of public school teachers and the union of municipalities there's a lockout going on. It means that only some students can go to school while others can't. Sadly both Julie's and Dennis' class have been affected by this and therefore they don't have any classes. The press believes that the lockout only will last for a week while others thinks the government has to interfere. How this affects me is that... I have less free time than i used to have... Well i don't have any anyway, so this doesn't change anything.... beside, i'll have to homeschool if the lockout will last long... ARGH.....

So... I'm just trying to get the most out of the holiday. I've had a lot of fun here in Copenhagen and the weather has been amazing compared to Odense... My mom called me this morning and told me it snowed, so i shouldn't have any reason to go home... And yet i feel bad, because it's her birthday tomorrow... after i insured her that i was fine, Julie and Dennis had eaten and that they were entertained, i tried my best to lure her to tell me what she wanted... and as any other asian mother ... or just women in general... she tried to hint me her birthday wish......, which i did not catch so now i'm just desperately looking something up on the internet for her....   ARGH another problem...

My niece Catly is in Nederland with her mother but she'll be back tomorrow and my swedish cousins will be here either tomorrow or friday, which means i have somebody to accompany my "tweenage" little sister and my hyperactive little brother.  That means that i finally get to do my homework !!! HEUREKA!! screamed the little asian girl when she spilled hot tea on her lap .... Hot licorice root tea... Ouch** ...

I've been here since saturday and i don't actually recall all what i've done over here so far...  I usually write it all up when i have been away from the blog for such a long time.. But this time i don't remember which day i did what ...
Well... I had sushi the other night that my bf's brother made and we watched a danish gameshow... I went out to bowl yesterday and finished as the fourth  - behind my bf, Dennis and julie... my little cousin, Tu Quyen, ended on the fifth place... Well i better have to explain who is who.
BLE = Blemanden = diperman = Dennis
TO = Tornerose = Sleeping Beauty = Tu Quyen
SE = Sexy mama = explains itself = Julie
JA = Jack Sparrow = That's me ... Emtie
PI = Pivskid = is translated to "whistling shit" = BF

And since i can't come to think of anything to blog about right now - here's some pictures...

Dining at Wgamama

My lovely aunt. I did her makeup and she's just doing what she's best at - smiling.

And because of request: Here's my first OOTD ..
- more OOTY ("outfit of the yesterday")

And my little sister's 

She's unintentionally a better poser ^^

Well i have to get going now... i have an assignment or five to finish...-.-

- and about the same amount of church visits. Oh yes, easter is the busiest time of a year when you're catholic...