Friday, March 22, 2013

So where's the easter bunny?

I'm really sleepy but i just wanted to make an update before burying my body underneath my blanket of sleep. I apologize on beforehand if the text is lacking coherence or if there are many spellings errors - I'm soo sleepy right now!!!!

The last week has been tough on me. I've been stressed out with homework more than usual and that might be because it was the week before easter - which means that i now have Easter holiday !! Yaaay! - not really since i have 5 assignments i have to submit right when the holiday ends.
It's the end of the month and just like anybody else i'm short in cash.... but my closet is a dress richer.
I've bought a  Margit Brandt dress in grey and the fabric is light - i'm saving this for summer... if we ever get that in Denmark... Right now there's a snowstorm ... yes. a snowstorm in the end of March...
Oh well... I have this dress:

So was that all ? Nah-ah!

I've bought two simple lunch boxes from ikea... which is something that my mother should buy .. not me...
 two pair of tights - i'm going to return one of them...
I've bough 2 pair of pants and two scarfs.
Nothing special really, because otherwise there would be pictures of it... maybe i'll post it on my Instagram... someday... how about no..

In gym class i had to take a running test and i did okay, but yet i disappointed myself, because i knew i could do better... so afterwards i punished myself by running on the treadmill until i got blisters ... the hell -.-

Since it's easter i've cut so many "gækkebreve", that i could give every single teacher i had and all he office ladies in my school one. Gækkebreve is paper cut in patterns and with motives - usually easter motives and they're sent to others with a small hint to others to guess who sent the letter. if the person guess who has made it,  the cutter has to give the receiver an" easter-egg" which is an egg-shaped chocolate. If the guess is wrong the cutter gets an egg.

Once i showed you guys my wall with some of my favorite "gækkebrever", and this time i haven't even saved one for myself, so maybe i'll make some new for my wall. I've actually cut to many the past day that my index finger and my thumb have been paralyzed the most of the day...

anything else i want to share?

Here's my dinner!:

Here's my face:

Good night !