Tuesday, March 19, 2013

What's up emtie ?

There are so many thing going on right now that i even have to do a handstand in order to focus on my thoughts - but i can't even do a handstand so whats the use?! ARGH ! See?!
I have a lot i have to take care of at the moment, and nothing has happened in particular the past week, so there's nothing much to make an update on..... oh ! Almost forgot that i've  bought some few things the last couple of days that i want to post on the blog, but it ain't going to be right now!! :b

It's prom season and every girl in my class are rushing out every weekends to find the dress and their desires. I'm glad i only have to think about which kind of shoes i want to wear, because i already found the dress. It's bought from Vietnam and it is made by a tailor so it is customized to fit me ^^. But since i don't have to think about that, i still wanted to try to find a prom dress myself and so i went out to look for one. I found a beautiful gown in fuchsia from Marlene Birger and it's really long !!! and the fabric is soooo smooth!! The best about this dress is the draping on the back and the long, beautiful sleeve.  I did not buy it ... because why should i? The dress was just fine, quite simple actually but super expensive... even still after 30% promotion... -.-

OHHH! BTW. I just received a package i want to include in my next post. Well i think it's going to be a Mid-March haul - because i have bought a lot the past weeks.... eheheh....^^