Monday, April 8, 2013

Being in a really bad mood

I did not blog this weekend because i had two confirmations to attend  -  two days straight with two hour church mass and asian buffet afterwards. The food was fine as always nothing in particular worth to be mentioned. Oh I almost forgot, my cousin Danthy sang Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen and my other cousin Khang made a "no-speech".  I went home early sunday though, because i had an assignment for monday to finish and i did not want to pull an "all-nighter", because of my self-pity.
I seriously have nothing else to talk about right now so here's some pictures from 9gag i'm very found of.

i hope my parents get this one.

and hey you can win 12 pairs of shoes with my dream shoe-site !! - shoes of prey! I have participated so now i'm like crossing everything i can because it's friggin' 12 pairs of handmad shoes! from down under !!

anything else ?

Here's me face.

Here's my latest new-in's:
Cowshed baby cream for half price !!!  and why did i buy baby cream ? it is because i have quite sensitive and really dry skin... and there's no nasties, which means it suits me perfectly !

Nike Lunar forever 2

For some time now i've been down and I think it started in the easter holiday. I'm not like "sad"-sad, but more like i'm sad when i'm alone - and i'm not sad because i feel alone. I really don't know how to describe this feeling, but it's like i'm bruised all over but yet, I can't find out where to put the patch, because i don't know where i'm hurt. I just feel the pain Even my siblings can't be my bandaid, but they sure do know how to prevent me from thinking much about it. They're like painkillers - effective but not the cure.