Saturday, April 13, 2013


Psy announced the date of his comeback since "Gangnam Style" (GS) on youtube a month ago and just today the music video "Gentlemen" finally came. The MV was released right after the live "Happening"-concert ended - it was a worldwide premiere of the "Gentlemen". My thoughts: I'm a quite disappointed, because there isn't the "feel good"-vibe in this song as in GS. The concept of the video looks similar to GS: Weird, old men dancing around town and disturbing children's playground. Of course there must be a heroine and this time it's Gain from Brown Eyed Girls (BEG).
Something i found different was the bunch of girls dancing in the same outfit - making it look rather monochrome... and boring... i actually found the video rather boring and there isn't even a part i can sing without making it sound like i'm cursing... oh... I can actually sing my own name.. Well i guess it's "Maria" he's singing... sob* (somebody is feeling honored here). My favorite part is definitely the first 30 seconds where some old men are carrying shopping bags. But hey ! No doubt it's going to be a hit anyway ;)
If you're familiar with BEG, you would recognize the dance immediately, because it's the same as their hit-song "Abracadabra". Cough**(actually the song got more recognition because of the dance than the song itself). Down below is Gentlemen and right after the dance-version of Abracadabra. If you want to watch the live performance of Gentlemen, you can just search for it on youtube. 

Btw. I'm sick again -.-