Friday, August 23, 2013

Back in my bed

The past few days has passed by like a struck of a lightning and in one week my 2 month long vacation will end.
I've only moved to Copenhagen 3 days ago and it already feels like I've been there for more than a month. I have been through introduction meetings with my class and went on a guided tour around school with our tutors. I still i don't how to orientate because its like a maze in there. The school is called CSS (Center for Human Life and Society) and it is actually the old national hospital in Copenhagen so it's kind of scary being in there because the interior design looks like a hospital. Yesterday, after dinner dinner at school, I went home to Odense and I arrived really, really late, but luckily I could have my mom pick me up at the central station. It feels good to be in your own bed again and most of the day, I've spendt it in my bed. Okay, I have been out for groceries and the doctor with my mom.. And yes I've also helped her with paperwork,  emailed a few persons and prepared dinner .. So today felt like I've never been away ...  I just returned to do what I've been running from... It's like.. in the try of escaping class you meet you teacher on the way out ...xD

Tomorrow is the big mass at ØM (don't ask me about it), so i have to sleep because i have to pack lunch for tomorrow ^^